The Four Tips to Branding

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For a company to exist in the market in the long run, branding is one of the most important factors. But, what does one mean by branding, in the first place? Don’t confuse it with marketing, marketing is simply a function that helps to show the efforts put by the company into branding. If I, as the leader of the company, want the customers to use my product, I need to brand it. I would have to make sure my brand, its values and visions are etched into their minds. Brand is an image that you need to create in your customers’ minds, and branding is the entire process of creating that image into their minds. We bring to you some tips, in the form of four steps that will help you in your company’s branding process. Read along to find out more about branding:

(1) The first step of branding: You need to build the brand in your customers’ minds. They should be able to differentiate your product from the different types of the product available in the market.

(2) Don’t try to put your feet into too many things – don’t try to be everything to everybody. Try product differentiation. If you own a bakery, and you sell cakes, and you start bringing up chocolates, waffles, soft drinks, burgers, cookies, everything under the same name. You need to maintain a specialty, expand your umbrella, but do it gradually, without undermining your viability and brand name. For example, if I want fries, I would go to McDonalds, and for donuts I would go to Dunkin Donuts. I wouldn’t drink any other cola drink other than that of Coca Cola, because that is what it is famous for.

(3) The third step on the list is the publicity campaigns you need to carry out, and you can’t rely on advertising only. You need to reach out to people, and let them know about your company and the products that it offers. Allow people to leave their comments and testimonials on your social media and website. It is always about the experiences that they share, that brings in new customers.

(4) You brand should be able own up to its value. For example, a five star hotel should be able to portray the luxury that people will come looking for, a baby care brand should portray sensitivity and care and a health care store should reveal a sense of nourishment.

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