What You Need To Know About Packaging For Your Business

The entry of ecommerce into the scene has made selling products even more competitive. Brands are now coming up with more ways to make them stand out and give them a competitive edge. Product packaging is one of these ways. Brands have to stay innovative in terms of packaging if they want to stay ahead of others in performance and sales. 

Brands are supposed to spend a considerable amount of time and resources on developing the right packaging that sells their product. If done right, product packaging can make a long-lasting impression, just like the product itself. 

Below are three things you might not know about packaging for your business: 

Builds Brand Awareness and Identity

Developing good product packaging is one of the essential processes of branding. Have you ever wondered how customers can recognize a brand just by looking at it? Proper packaging is one of the reasons why. 

Product packaging involves what brands want to keep consistent with everything associated with them. This includes their business name, logo, and colors. In addition, it can include characters associated with specific products and marketing tagline. These branding elements can make your customers differentiate your brand from others. In short, your brand stands out, whether it’s on supermarket shelves or ads.  

Remember, many brands are offering the same products and services as you. Competition is high. You want your customers to have a eureka effect when they see you. This why you need captivating packaging to build your brand identity. 

You should ask yourself the following questions when coming up with packaging for your brand; Does it capture your brand’s personality? Is it playful enough? Has it used style patterns to make it unique? Are you using the right combination of materials, texture, colors, and other elements to make it stand out? 

The best thing is that you don’t have to struggle through this process. Stanley Packaging offers you the best packaging products and excellent customer service, all at pocket-friendly prices. 

Protects Your Products 

One of the primary purposes of business packaging is to protect your products. Think about all the processes your products go through during handling and shipping. They could potentially wear and tear during transport and storage. 

Packaging helps protect your products throughout the entire cargo chain, from you as the manufacturer to the end-user. With superb packaging, you can protect the products from external factors, such as humidity, water, and heat. For example, great packaging helps prevent ink and perfume from evaporating. Also, paper becomes discolored when exposed to air, but can last an entire lifetime when packaged well. 

Did you also know that packaging can help food products stay fresh for longer? For example, if you run a baking business, you can extend the shelf life of products, such as bread and cakes. These tend to go bad within a few days if not packaged well. With a vacuum-sealed can, they can stay fresh even for months. 

For these reasons, it’s common for some products to be a lot smaller than the packaging. You might experience this, especially when ordering products from online stores.  

Boosts Customer Experience 

Your packaging can help improve your customers’ experience when it’s designed with the customer in mind. For example, let say you run an online apparel business. You can choose to package your clothing products in cheap plastic packaging. However, how will the customer feel when their clothes arrive crumpled and with creases? They’ll assume you don’t care about their impression and experience. This isn’t good for business. 

You should align your packaging with what you want your customers to feel about your brand. If, for example, your products can easily crumple, you should get sturdy packaging that will maintain the product’s quality. This also helps reflect your product’s quality. 

Packaging can also influence your customer’s buying decisions. If your packaging is captivating enough, your target customers will feel compelled to pick the products and evaluate whether they should buy them.  

Two-thirds of consumers say that product packaging influences their buying decisions. Use your packaging to communicate your brand’s values, principles, and what you stand for. This is also a great way to improve loyalty. 

Key Takeaways 

Product packaging development is one of the essential processes of any business. In today’s competitive world, you need to develop measures to stay ahead of your competitors. Remarkable product packaging works for you and sells your products. It helps boost your brand’s awareness and identity with the use of appealing brand colors, logos, and taglines. It also protects your products and could even add a longer shelf-life. Your customers also feel valued when the product packaging protects the products. 

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