How your Business can Utilise Banners

Are you seeking ways to reach an unlimited number of audience? We present to you one of the best marketing tools that gives you high conversion rate and also a competitive edge in the business world. Banner!


Whatever style you prefer; pole banners, vinyl banners, affordable foam board prints, banners can increase customer base, brand awareness, productivity as well as profitability.

Below are a few of the benefits that you can enjoy with the use of banner for your business advertisement.

It is Affordable

Yes, digital marketing and advanced marketing strategies seem to be too expensive hence several small businesses do not get a fair ground to compete. However, since the primary aim of marketing is to augment your revenue, the use of banner will be a great deal also. The cost of design and running a banner ad is relatively cheaper compared to other marketing tools.

Fitted for all Targeted Audience

Your size and type of targeted audience will definitely be reflected in your productivity. Whatever the size of your targeted audience or their gender (male or female), the use of banner ad gets you covered.

 Also, the banner ad is also a great way to reach out to both the oldies and the youth at the same time. A banner that is well designed with the right colour combination will attract your audience(unlimited) easily.

It is Memorable.

Learning is reinforced by sight as well as memory. Research has shown that people tend to remember what they see repetitively because the memory when stored can be easily recalled.

The effect of this on your business is that, the strategic placement of your banner ad, will prompt people to recall your services or product faster when there is a need for that service. This will, in turn, shoot up your profitability.

It is Effective

Whether you are using a digital banner that is to be placed on a strategic position on different sites or a physical banner where people see it daily, the converging point is that banner ad is effective and get the marketing job done.

Wondering how? 

Digital banner has critical elements such as the call to action button which tells your audience in simple, explicit language what to do, the value proposition element where your services are displayed.

In addition, the value composition element on your banner also features payment bonuses and cuts which will further entice customers to you. 

Not to worry, your company logo will be well represented on your banner hence you can put your mind to rest about increasing your brand awareness and consumer base.

It is Sustainable

There is little to worry about the size and placement if your banner ad is well-positioned to generate enough traffic that will convert the audience/click to consumer/sales for you.

You may be inquisitive about the sustainability of banners ad and it’s the ability to be used as a long term marketing tool. Yes, banner ads are sustainable and could help leapfrog your company awareness.

Perhaps you are using a physical banner, placing it in strategic position for a long period of time will also do the additional work of sustaining your audience attention aside from the fact that it catches their attention.

It is, however, pertinent to say that there are quite a few things you need to put in place if the above-listed benefits and several others are to be enjoyed. They include;


Make it Simple

There is no need to go excessively overboard with your banner design. The key is that you should be dynamic with your creativity but you should also not forget the master key called simplicity. Whatever that can be shown, do not write it. Hence I recommend that you use simple but attractive images and do not be too wordy with your content.

Make your Logo Obvious

There is a bit of controversy surrounding the size of the logo. There are some who opine that the company logo should be made bigger while there are others who desire to point out that it often reduces conversion rate as it pisses consumers off.

Then you ask, what should you do? I recommend that you make your company logo more obvious without necessarily increasing its size. This may be a little tweak in its colour to attract consumers or perhaps make it more distinct.

Offer Pay-cut

Bonuses, promos and incentives are a good way to capture people’s attention. Our eyes seem to go first to such messages whenever we see such and hence register such information in our mind.

Although, we all love to get the right value for our money, at some point getting it at a lesser cost will gladden our hearts. In addition, it is highly likely that we revisit that company, business where we got a pay cut for their services if there’s a need for it in the future. Even your value-loyal customers will love to get a pay-cut at some time in your business relationship.


Include your Contact Details

You may never tell how effective your banner is unless you include contact details through which you can be reached (especially if you’re using physical banner). Your contact details such as phone number, email number or website address should be included on your banner so that your consumers can easily reach out to you when there’s a need to patronise your business.


There are several ways a banner advertisement can be of help to your business. It is effective, affordable and sustainable. 

However, while you consider the use of banner ad for your business it is pertinent to say that you should work on and strengthen your customer interpersonal relationships.

This will further improve your customer base and you’re on your way to global recognition.

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