8 SEO Tips to increase your Banner Printing Business Straight away

When we talk about developing an online print shop, ideally it takes months of planning, searching and developing till you have an amazing online printing platform. Now that you have all your services listed on your platform along with banner customization capabilities, you are all set to serve your customers. But what if your target audience doesn’t even know your eCommerce platform exists? 

8 SEO Tips to increase your Banner Printing Business Straight away

Significance of SEO:

No matter how good your platform is; if your potential customers do not even know that you exist, how would they reach you? In today’s competitive world where the global market is open to all, you must have optimum and extensive reach to make your online platform the best banner design software ecommerce site. To ensure optimum reach, you must have an SEO team working to make your platform known to your customers. Not only does SEO help you reach the top on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), but they help you make your platform and content user-friendly. 

To give you a peek at how integral SEO is; did you know that $79.27 billion is the estimated amount that brands and agencies in the United States alone spent for SEO services in 2020? Now imagine the global spending. Also, you must make consistent efforts to stay on top search results of SERPs as the average organic click-through rate (CTR) that the first Google desktop search result gets 32% and the same on mobile is 26.9%. (Source)

But when we talk about SEO, there are more than 200 activities broadly divided into 3 categories namely On-page, Off-page and Technical SEO. Each activity has its own unique set of requirements and outcomes that are based on the domain and nature of the business. So, when we talk about the printing industry, how can one determine which activities are required to make best banner design eCommerce software store to your ecommerce store? To help you make an informed decision, we have curated a list of 8 SEO Tips that can increase your Online Banner Printing Business Straight away!

8 SEO Tips to Boost your Online Banner Print Shop Sales:

  1. Improve Website speed:

In this fast-paced virtual world, slow loading time is the biggest reason for customers to bounce to another platform. So, your website must load quickly and seamlessly. When we talk about the website speed of a banner design tool print shop, many factors contribute to it. For instance, the pictures and videos on your platform, the custom printing module that you integrate into your platform, media files and banners and other many factors can affect the speed of a website.

To increase the speed of a platform, there are many SEO activities such as image optimization, text layout, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for mobile search and other such activities that are performed by SEO experts. Just make sure that you have the best speed in the industry as having high-speed might not make much difference in the sales of the platform, but not having it will affect the sales as the bounce rate increases.

  1. Easy navigation:

One of the biggest factors that result in a delightful user experience of any website irrespective of its domain is the navigation flow of the website. Make sure that you have conducted various On-page SEO activities such as content optimization, CTA integration, page linking and other such activities to create a seamless navigation flow. If you have good products and services for your customers, a seamless navigation flow ensures that your customers find it at the right time and the right place. 

  1. Add unique Meta for web pages:

Meta Data is the way search engine understands what the Web page is all about and gives it a place in the SERP based on the keywords targeted on the page. Thus, you must create relevant and unique Meta titles and descriptions for every web page that exists on your website. Also, when you are creating your Meta Titles and Descriptions, make sure that you target keywords that are frequently used by your customers and those that are most relevant for the services that you have listed on the targeted web page. 

  1. Start sharing knowledge:

While this is not mentioned by Google or any other search engine platforms, updating content about your banner design tool on your platform is one of the most effective SEO techniques to stay on top of the SERPs. Ensure that you keep sharing new content on your platform via blogs, guides, white papers and other such content formats. Also, it is an effective way to communicate your brand message and business news and offerings with your target audience. 

  1. Business Listing in top local business site:

Business Listings are the best way to establish your presence on the web. With details such as website details, address, proprietor, services and other such information, getting your platform listed on these websites can give you the initial head start especially if your banner print ecommerce store is new. This activity is used to target different regions and to create a brand presence by SEO experts. Also, when we talk about Business Listing websites, make sure that you target websites with good credibility. This can be checked by the Domain Authority (DA) score of the website. The formula is simple, “higher the DA of a website; the higher the credibility of the platform”. 

  1. Use of Social Media Platforms:

Social Media platforms are the best ways to reach your customers and create a buzz around your brand and online platform. Sharing your products and content over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram is best idea to promote your product and improve website visitors. Also, when you plan your social media budget and strategy, make sure that you have a good mix of organic and paid marketing activities.   

  1. Use Paid Marketing (PPC):

When you need quick results, you must use Paid Marketing services. For search engines, the paid marketing is based on pay per click where you pay for every time a customer clicks on your promoted web page. Create a healthy mix of PPC and organic here too and ensure that your page and content are optimized before you opt for PPC as it will affect the placement of your ad.

  1. Use web analytics and search console:

Last but not the least, to get insights on where your users land and how they interact with your website and which pages are getting visits and other such information, you can use tools such as web analytics and search console. You can easily integrate Google Analytics into your website and get access to all these reports and more with the tool. These insights will help you plan your website content and SEO strategy and will also help you make informed decisions regarding the services that are being noticed by your customers. A search console will help you to find technical errors in your site which might hurt your ecommerce store on going to the top of the search result pages.

Optimize for Search Engines but target your users:

Since you have reached the last, we have preserved the best advice for the conclusion! When you plan your SEO strategy for your banner printing store, make sure that the approach that you take is not just Search Engine centric but also user-centric. Because, it is your customers that place the orders on your platform and not the Search Engines.

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