4 Strategies to Get the Most Of Your Construction Site Banners

4 Strategies to Get the Most Of Your Construction Site Banners

Every business needs clear signage to make its enterprise visible to the public and generate new leads. Construction entities are no exception to this. They must use their signage effectively to share the desired message and catch a person’s eye. Many people assume a company puts its name on multiple signs to receive more advertising. However, these signs may serve another purpose.

Signs found on a construction site alert workers and visitors to hazardous areas. The signs ensure they know which areas to avoid, where hard hats are needed, and more. Furthermore, a construction banner provides a visual barrier between the site and those passing by Chicago Banner works with clients to find the right signs for their needs.

How can a person get the most from their construction banner and other signage? Before this question can be answered, individuals must know all requirements established by the National Institutes of Health Guide for Construction Site Signage. The guide covers a range of topics including traffic signs, interior signs, and project directional signs.

Construction companies find it is beneficial to work with a reputable sign provider for their construction banners and other signage, as the provider knows the requirements and will ensure the customer remains in compliance. With this information, it becomes easier to purchase signs for every purpose on the site.

Material Options

The first consideration when choosing a construction banner involves the material to be used for the sign. The material selected plays a role in the visual appeal of the sign, which is of great importance. The sign might serve as the initial introduction to the company, and it needs to present the right image. A torn, dirty sign or one that keeps falling won’t provide the desired benefits. What material options remain available today that every customer should consider?

Vinyl banners serve as one option, but a mesh banner might generate additional interest as people try to get a glimpse inside and guess what is being built. These banners hold up very well, even in extreme conditions, and reduce the wind that makes its way into the site. However, this serves as only one option a person needs to look into when purchasing banners for a construction site.

A fabric or backlit banner might serve as a better option, and some companies choose retractable banners. Speak with the sign provider to determine which option best meets your needs for the project to be completed.


Businesses have very little time to catch a consumer’s attention. As a result, construction banners and all signs on a construction site need to make use of contrast to garner this attention. Select a color combination that draws the eye and is easy to read. Many companies rely on black and white, as they know this combination has had great success in the past. Nevertheless, other color options shouldn’t be overlooked.

Black on yellow serves as a good combination, or a person might choose the colors of their brand logo. Try multiple combinations until one stands out. The key to success in this area lies in creating a sign that is easily recognizable and memorable. Contrasting colors help to achieve this goal.

The Impact of Color in Marketing, a study conducted by researchers, discovered people often choose a product based solely on its colors in a minute and a half. The colors used in advertising help to differentiate products offered by competitors. They also influence the viewer’s mood and feelings positively or negatively. As a result, the colors selected determine a person’s attitude toward certain products.

Delivering the Message

Construction companies need to use a simple font to deliver the desired message. Stick to a single typeface and don’t alter the stroke width. If certain parts of the message appear in bold text and others don’t, it becomes harder for people to read the message when they are passing by.

Sign companies state one inch of letter height provides visibility up to ten feet. Take this into consideration when choosing the size of the banner and the accompanying text. A banner won’t be of help if a person cannot read it, which means the construction company is losing out on a valuable tool while wasting its money on ineffective advertising.

Choose a banner that is slightly smaller than the fence on which it will be installed. This ensures the message can be delivered to a wider audience with ease. Furthermore, by covering the majority of the fence, companies find it helps to minimize dust and other particles from making their way onto the construction site from outside areas. Furthermore, speak with the sign provider to confirm the print quality is suitable for the banner size, typography, and more. Reputable providers know which combinations to use and why. They should be able to share this information with customers readily.


The sign needs to be simple to guarantee it doesn’t detract from the message being delivered. Traffic signs are a good example of simple signs. They provide minimal information to ensure the message is delivered. Although it may be tempting to add additional features to attract attention, they actually can prevent the viewer from receiving the desired message. As a result, the company doesn’t benefit from the signage. Make the business information the prominent feature on signs that remain visible to the public.

If a construction site banner will be used on the site and is hidden from the view of the public, have it contain only essential information. Not only does this help to ensure workers receive the intended message, but it also keeps the cost of the banner down. Companies appreciate this, especially when a sign is required. They want to remain in compliance without spending a fortune to achieve this goal.

Keep these tips in mind when designing a construction site banner or any sign for a project you are undertaking. Work with the sign provider to find those options that meet your stated goals. The provider works with various industries and becomes a valuable resource as the sign selection process proceeds.

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