How Will Coronavirus Change the World This Year?

Nothing prepared the world for the humanitarian crisis that has shut down the world for the last couple of months. COVID-19 affected everyone; no country or nation was spared. It targeted all genders, all races, and all socio-economic groups.

Coronavirus also leaves a trail of grief, fear, and economic destruction in its wake. The loss of life is felt by everyone across the planet, as they watch the numbers grow. Nothing will ever be the same, and 2020 won’t be a typical year.

The Coronavirus Story

This disease is an infection that is easily transmitted and can be carried for up to two weeks without symptoms. It kills the most vulnerable segments of the population rapidly, and cases began appearing at the beginning of 2020. At first, the reactions were ones of disdain. Most people and many medical professionals dismissed it as the common flu or influenza. 

After it started spreading and people began dying, governments began to sit up and take notice. After a certain amount of time, the gravity of the situation came to light, and lockdowns started being enforced to curb the spread of the virus. 

How Did This Event Impact People?

Overnight, life was no longer normal. People were unable to leave their homes and could only travel for essential purposes. Entertainment facilities such as casinos and bookmakers had to close, and all sports events were cancelled. We all know the way the world works, money makes the world go round, and the Coronavirus put the brakes on that pretty quickly. 

People who normally would not consider spending much time online, have found themselves scouring the internet for entertainment. Watching videos can become monotonous, so online gaming has been on the rise. More people are registering for new accounts to enjoy some casino games.

The Gambling Industry in Crisis

There is no doubt that site based casinos and bookmakers are in trouble. If they didn’t have alternate revenue options, it might spell the end for them.

When creating the best Canadian online casino review, it became apparent as to how important online betting is. People are sitting at home with nothing to entertain them; online casinos provide an outlet for bored brains. Online bookmakers offer virtual and fantasy sports for the punters who need their adrenaline fix. 

Most big brand casinos have a thriving presence in the online economy. Enticing players to join the gaming community with promises of big wins, offering welcome bonuses and exciting promotions. 

If not for the online technological advancements that have allowed for these online casinos to exist, the gambling industry change after COVID-19 could have been for the worse. 

According to the Newgioco Group Inc, a sports betting company based in Italy, it’s processing 200-300 new account applications daily. A clear sign that online gaming is getting a boost. However, sportsbook operators are hoping that live sporting events will get back into action as soon as possible, virtual sports can be limited, and punters might get bored.

The Future after Coronavirus

A rude awakening is perhaps, what was needed for big industry and small businesses alike, to realize that the digital age is truly upon us. Employees have learned how to work from remote locations, and companies have realized that they can embrace that trend and lower operating costs.

It gives hope that the elusive work-life balance that people crave is actually possible. Individuals have been forced to re-evaluate their life choices and lifestyles. A break from the rat race gave perspective on what is important and gave people time to appreciate the little things in life.

The gaming industry has begun to flourish as players took the time to enjoy online gaming and all its brightly coloured and cheery glory. Coronavirus gave a new angle to an undervalued form of entertainment.


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Coronavirus has changed the world. It has and will continue to change people’s lives on an individual level, and certain industries will never be the same again.

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