How to Write an Effective ‘About Us’ Page That Converts

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Regardless of the industry you’re catering to, the About Us page is going to be one of your most important pages on the website. It will help explain to your potential customers how you started your business, what problem you’re aiming to fix with your products or services, and how you want to earn their loyalty.

It is unfortunate that not a lot of companies spend time writing their About Us page. Other than the reasons mentioned above, this page is one of the highest performing on the website.

True, it is awkward to write because there has to be a balance between selling your business and avoiding too much self-focus that it drives people away. But do it right and it will do its job of persuading people, taking advantage of an opportunity to connect with existing and potential customers.

So here is a rundown of tips in writing a killer About Us page that converts.

Begin with talking about your customers

It is in our nature to talk about ourselves first than acknowledging other people. That’s why if your current About Us page starts out like this, it is totally understandable. But using the same logic, your customers are also looking at your website for themselves and finding out what you can do for them.

You can start by laying out the challenges your customers are facing, which is basically why they are visiting your website in the first place. Take this chance to show them that you have their needs in mind. Next, tell them exactly how you can help them. Mention the benefits of buying or availing of your products or services.

Highlight customer testimonials

Most people base their decisions on recommendations and reviews. You can urge them to choose your brand more when you highlight testimonials coming from satisfied customers. Make sure you ask your customers if you can include their full name and photo with their testimonial.

Include awards and recognitions

Showcasing awards you’ve received is simply just stating facts: that you’re the best choice. Highlight ones that recognise your products and services, at the same time, awards that were given because of your customer service.

Add a variety of media

Don’t just stick to text, because that will look like a huge paragraph block. Add different kinds of media like a video of you explaining your vision for the company. You can also add infographics and other ways you can play with images.

Humanise your brand

Lastly, share your story with your customers. What made you start this business? Why do you want to provide them with a solution? Show them how you conceptualised your brand and how it all started. This humanises your brand, which means your customers can connect with you on a personal level. And if you can do that, you’ve earned yourself loyal patrons.

Of course, this goes without saying, you have to check that your brand stays unique. One of the ways you can do this is to do a domain name check to see if there are websites out there posing as you. Check whether they’re using the same domain name with a different extension, if they’ve stolen information from you, and so on.

Go back to your About Us page and see if you were able to tick all of these boxes. Craft a write-up that will show customers that you have the best for them in mind and that you want to form a relationship with them that goes beyond customer and seller.

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