7 Things The Real Entrepreneur Couldn’t Miss in His Resume

Business owners have a lot of responsibilities, including but not limited to developing new business strategies, advertising their company on the market, hiring employees, and managing cross-functional teams. All of the above and much more has to be showcased in the impressive entrepreneur resume.

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Today, the team of professional writers at ResumeGet company shares some valuable insight into writing an entrepreneurial resume. Stay tuned!

How to write an entrepreneur resume

Choose the right format.

Choosing the right resume format is crucial, as if structured right, it will highlight all your skills and accomplishments and prove your high level of proficiency. If you don’t format a resume in an appropriate way, all the important details and keywords will get lost among the list of your regular duties and responsibilities and, as a result, skipped by recruiters or hiring managers. Prove that you are disciplined.

Here are some useful tips on how to format an entrepreneur resume:

  • use a chronological approach: start with your current position, achievements, then work backward
  • add headlines to each section: skills, professional experience, education, certifications, awards and honors.
  • create a clear header with your name, title, and contact information
  • use PDF format if other is not specified in the job description

Upgrade education section

Simply listing your university, dates, and degree is not enough for an entrepreneur resume. Use this section to highlight your level of expertise as well. For one, you can add achievements from your university years if they are relevant to the position you are applying for. Maybe you were a member of the School Government or even the Student Government President. Add this information on your resume!

Include entrepreneur skills and competencies

Make research and review some other entrepreneur resumes for your industry. This will give you an idea of what relevant keywords to include. Don’t forget about soft skills as well.

Showcase what you have learned while being a business owner

Results matter. Use your resume to display that you are open to self-development and always ready to learn and adapt new skills. Describe the specific challenges you have faced while running a business, how you resolved them, as well as how they influenced your approach to business development. Companies want to have creative innovators as their leaders. Prove that you are a result-driven problem-solver ready to contribute to the company’s success.

And don’t forget about the basics of resume creation!

    Choose a basic font

Choose an easy-to-read font of 10-12 pt.

    Include contact information

Add your contact information to make it possible to get in touch with you. We do not recommend to include your full mailing address, as many organizations may not even open such document due to privacy issues.

    Learn about ATS optimization techniques

Learn about certain ATS optimization techniques to make your document pass through the applicant tracking system. Find these strategies on the net and optimize your document to meet these requirements.

    Add relevant keywords

Add keywords that are relevant to the vacant position. This trick will help you pass through the ATS scanning bots. Your entrepreneur resume should include the same keywords as the job description. You can also make research and review the samples for your industry to find out what keywords it is better to use.

    Include only the most relevant information

Although your previous professional experience might be rich, you should only write about the most relevant experience.

    Add numbers that quantify your accomplishments

Numbers are the vivid proof of your accomplishments. They add credibility and make you stand out from the rest of the applicants. Try to add as many numbers as possible to demonstrate your success.

    Keep language formal

Keep your resume in a professional style to showcase your high management level.

Entrepreneur resume: 7 things to include

1. Entrepreneur resume summary

A resume summary is a certain way to grab attention and list your core skills, competencies, and achievements in one place. This section is the most important one as it helps to showcase all your strong sides and accomplishments, as well as draw the attention of recruiters or hiring managers.

Information that has to be mentioned in a summary:

  • The title of the job
  • Years of experience
  • Your goal
  • List of your core skills and competencies
  • Clear evidence of your skills and competencies
  • Numbers

2. Achievements

As an entrepreneur, you have definitely achieved a lot. Make a separate section with your career highlights. Follow this principle to write about your achievements: problem > action > result. People who read your resume have to understand how you managed to deal with the problem and what was the result of the actions you have implemented. Focus on recent accomplishments and keep them relevant based on the industry you are applying for.

3. Conferences

Make a separate section with a list of relevant conferences you have visited. Add the dates as well. With the help of this section, you will showcase your interest in the industry and continuous professional growth and skills development.

4. Honors and awards

Including honors and awards section cannot be ignored as it is the vivid proof of your entrepreneur expertise and competency.

5. Media appearances and mentions

Although this section is not obligatory, it can be of a great benefit as it helps your entrepreneur resume stand out of the rest. Add only the information that is relevant to the vacant position and happened no longer than 7 years ago. Nobody needs outdated info.

6. Publications

Add publications if you have any. This section will also help make you special.

7. Volunteer experience

If you used skills that your job requires during volunteer experience, add this section right after education. In such a way, you will provide one more proof of your high level of expertise as well as care about society.

Write an outstanding entrepreneur resume

Follow these easy tips and don’t forget to include all the mentioned information in your entrepreneur resume. Hope this information will come in handy and you’ll get the desired position. Good luck! 

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