How to Select a Printing Company for Your Needs


If you’re looking for a new printing company to print merchandise, brochures, or something else, we’ve put together a list of tips on choosing the best company for you. Your marketing information or the products you’re selling are important. Also, the quality of your printed items reflects the quality of your company. This guide will help you pick a company that will best reflect the high-quality image you want to get across.

1) Visit the printer’s facility.

The quality of your print work is important and involves some investment. If your print run is for something key to a campaign or for your business, you should consider visiting the premises of the printing company you’re considering. This will help you get a feel of how they operate, and will mean you can meet the staff that will be providing the service. Because of this, you can better decide if you can work with the company, and will also get the company more invested in what you’re doing. If you can start a relationship with your account manager, they will be more likely to be invested in meeting deadlines and ensuring quality.

2) Check the quality of their work and ask for samples.

There’s a massive range of print quality and prices. You may have an allocated budget, but you should always try to get the best quality print for the budget you have. The best way to test this is to order samples of the print work that is similar to what you need. If you test three or four different printers, the highest quality company will become clear. Low prices often mean the quality of the paper and folds will be lower, and less sophisticated printing methods may be used. Premium price doesn’t always mean high quality though – some companies printing massive amounts of demand may be more likely to check work less, whereas a smaller company offering services for a cheaper rate may be more careful with checking every run. The trick is finding the happy medium between price and quality. A good example is Print that now in Singapore, which has a great local rating.

3) Check reviews and get testimonials.

The best way to check the quality of the company that you’re looking to work with is by checking the reviews online. Check their Google Business page for reviews, and other websites that have reviews of the company. It may be more difficult to get an in-person review of a printer. But then, if you can find one of their customers and get an honest testimony, this will be the best way to ensure the quality of your prints.

4) Find a printer that specifies.

If you want to print something specific, or bespoke, it will be worth looking for a company that is a specialist in that area. A company that prints packaging every day as a specialist will be much better than a do-it-all printing company.

5) Develop a relationship.

Once you’ve found a printer that works well for you, be loyal and form a relationship with them. This will help you negotiate discounts, and you’ll be more likely to get your printing done quickly.

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