Businesses Suitable for Owners of Sublimation Printers


Sublimation printing is a process of applying excessive heat to a dye which allows it to stick into a surface. This is the same process used to apply color and design to plastic, paper, and fabric. In recent times, using a sublimation printer has become a common sight to small-sized and medium-sized printing businesses. It has a high profitability rate, because the items printed under the sublimation process can be sold for a higher price. If you wanted to start a business using a sublimation printer, you would need to invest in one and shell out around $100 for a brand new unit. You also need to get supplies that will be needed to maintain your printing shop. The supplies can be ordered online, or through third-party firms like the Coastal Business Supplies. Once you are good to go, you can decide which type of business you would like to operate.

Photobooth Business

Having a photobooth business would allow you to earn per event appearance. In the past few years, most events would require a photobooth which would capture photos of the visitors, and it would also serve as their remembrance from the event. Many people have seen the photobooth as a fun way to enjoy an event, and in most birthday parties and corporate events, the photobooth is present. The sublimation printer is used in photobooth business to quickly print photos, and it is useful especially if there are hundreds of people waiting for their photos to be printed. According to business owners, they only had to shell out a few thousand dollars to maintain their photobooth business, and the returns are big. If you wanted to do this kind of business, you would need to invest in a good camera, or you can hire a photographer who would be capturing the shots for you. After you managed to secure the photographer and a good camera, you would need to start marketing your business to events or create a business card that can be contacted by the clients. Most photo booth businesses are promoting their businesses on social media, and it is also important that your clients would have a positive experience using the photobooth. You would notice that the business will be hired by more events if you have a positive reputation among your clients.

Mug Printing Business

Sublimation printing can be used for mug printing, and this type of business also generates a high amount of profit. Plain mugs can be purchased anywhere for as low as $1 a piece, and when it undergoes sublimation printing, the mug can be sold for $3 to $5. This is also a good way to create souvenirs, and you can also connect with people who would like to request mugs that will be given away to guests. If you are living in a tourist destination, like Hawaii, printing mugs could become a great source of income. Tourists are willing to purchase souvenirs, so make sure that you will only create the best designs for the mugs that you would like to sell.

T-shirt Printing Business

If you own a sublimation printer, a T-shirt printing business can also be a great source of income. People who have invested in sublimation printers are using their machines to print complex designs on shirts. Like the mugs, t-shirts can also be a great souvenir item, and people who are living in areas with a lot of tourists are selling T-shirts that have a sublimation print on it. You can also try to create your own design and establish an online or physical store. T-shirt design is also a fun way to show your creativity, and you would love to create more designs once you noticed that a lot of people are actually buying the product.

Paper Printing Business

Sublimation prints on paper perfectly, and one would notice the sheer difference between a sublimation printer and a normal printer. Try to use the best sublimation printer that you own to print cards, magazines, and other similar products. Paper printing business can also become a great source of income, especially if you build your business near schools. Establishing this business would also require you to become more knowledgeable about the craft, and it is recommended that you watch tutorials online or read instructions on how to manage this type of business successfully.

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