How to Save those Dollar Bills

We all have felt that we need to save money, save money for various reasons like repaying your student loan, or buy something that you need more than anything or saving for an emergency. Saving money is hard, we keep repeating to ourselves that we will start saving, and that day never comes, we keep postponing the required money habit. 

We don’t believe that these money habits are our fault; no one has taught us how to save money or tell us what to do or how to do it. It’s a topic that is assumed to have been consumed by all. Hence, we don’t know how to handle our money, and we make bad decisions for them, and our loans start poling up. 

It sounds scary, but that’s not our intention, together we can start good saving habits. 

So, here are five tips on how to save those dollar bills. 

  1. Pay them off – First things start with a clean slate, start paying your debts, and make a note of the amount of debt you. The best way to pay them is by going from the smallest amount to the most significant amount. By doing this, you will be getting rid of debt slowly and efficiently and less overwhelmingly. 
  1. Start at home – There are so many things that we buy, and we don’t consume. Hence start by cutting down your grocery spending, purchasing the utterly essential elements, and stopping buying based on brands. Branded items tend to be overly priced, so cut that out of your life. Next, unsubscribe from various memberships that you don’t use any longer. You never know when you start using it, but right now, you aren’t so cut them loose. Next, eat home-cooked meals, don’t spend money on food outside, pack your lunch, and take it with you.
  1. Discounts – They are your best friends, be aware of their whereabouts, and utilize them carefully. Buy things on discounts and save money. Also, keep a close eye on discounts ask for discounts at times. 
  1. No more vacations – To save those dollars, you need to restrict on those lavish vacations, instead try staycation, ‘vacation at home.’ Find things to do at home and have hobbies and activities for yourself. 
  1. Selling – The next step in your journey to saving money would be selling anything that you don’t even look at or no longer use. No point hoarding things that don’t bring you joy. You might feel “I might use it later or need it later,” no don’t fall for that, you haven’t been using it for so long you forgot the existence of the object, so it’s time to part ways. 
  1. Freeze – Stop spending for a few weeks, make a weekly budget, and try to stick by it. Budgeting will take you a long way, and many apps will help you keep check of your sending. Lastly, don’t carry extra cash, carry enough not a lot as that will restrict your spending. 

Final Thoughts 

It would be hard at first to control the amount of spending, but with months you will build a habit of saving money and being aware of where you are spending it. It seems overwhelming, but it’s going to get more manageable, and soon you will reach your money goals. 

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