Home Based Business this Lockdown

Lockdown and the pandemic have had a drastic effect on the lives of individuals. Being confined to one space, and having to interact and for something to do it becomes quite hard and painful. Students who have just graduated, and were all ready to enter the job market have to put their plans on hold. […]

How to Save those Dollar Bills

We all have felt that we need to save money, save money for various reasons like repaying your student loan, or buy something that you need more than anything or saving for an emergency. Saving money is hard, we keep repeating to ourselves that we will start saving, and that day never comes, we keep […]

How Long and How Often Should You Podcast?

Podcasting is a medium to inform, educate, and entertain your masses. With the current situation of the pandemic and people conforming to self-isolation, podcasting has become a medium of interaction and a medium to get your voice heard. Some like to listen while some want to record their voice and take center stage in this […]

Audio Interface or Mixer, What’s Better for Podcasting from Home?

In recent times, there has been a definite increase in podcasting and streaming, and with it questions in terms of electronics for podcasting are more than ever, especially due to keen interests in in-house set ups. With the pandemic and people stuck at home, podcasting seems to be a good way to deal with the […]

Five Best Headphones for Podcasting

Planning to start a podcast, have the content ready, and the setup but unsure what kind of a headphone you require? Headphones are essential when it comes to podcasting. Apart from the microphone and tools to record the podcast, a pair of headphones is necessary. If you have an online interview, then it’s essential to […]