How to Make Money in the Booming Esports Market

Making money

If you have not noticed already, the cash flow in the esport industry is real and it’s growing fast. Prize pools in tournaments are getting bigger for every year as more viewers and sponsors are attracted.

What was once seen as a hobby has become a serious career move and one that can pay really well for the fortunate few. Only 10 years ago, playing as a professional esport player was more about the journey and the status than the money.

Players were far from being able to live a luxurious lifestyle even as world class players, they got paid to survive. Getting money for food and rent while playing video games all day long was in itself at the time a “cool thing”.

Now, good players in the biggest teams can make some serious cash, after looking at the website you might consider a career shift and starting gaming.

However, you’re probably not on the verge of becoming an esport PRO. Don’t let this get you down though, there are many other ways you can benefit on this booming market. Below we will give you some ideas that might put your head into the game.

Start your own stream and host esport games

One of today’s most obvious income sources within esport is made through media channels like streaming on Twitch. The demand for watching games is getting bigger for every day and the experience as a spectator is as well getting better all along.

Here is an opportunity to build authority and get some eyeballs within your own esports media channel. If you start of streaming and commentating on live games of professional teams and deliver an entertaining experience for the viewers you can build up a good income source from sponsors like esport betting companies and other esport businesses that need exposure.

Become the renaissance man of esport betting

If you already know more than most people about a certain esport game (preferably one of the bigger ones). You can get down to work and do what most people don’t, the next level work.

If you make it your call in life to know everything about every player, team and event, you will become the renaissance man or, an esport oracle if you will.

The availability and access for betting on esport has also been booming as the list of new esport betting sites just increases. Many new operators offer advanced live betting opportunities that open up new lucrative ways to take advantage of the odds based on knowledge that in the long run is not so different from being a day trader or investor.

Invest in esport companies

If you feel you don’t have the talent to host esport games and be the Jimmy Fallon of esport, or becoming the rain man of esport betting you still have options.

Let the money do the work. Becoming an esport investor requires some capital from your end, but you call always start small and work your way up.

There are several companies that are going on the offense when investing in esport, if you study which these companies are you can jump on the wagon by investing in their stocks.

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