How to Make a Back-to-school season Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns for your ecommerce brand are the perfect way to reach your customers. A successful marketing campaign allows you to grab customers’ attention, which promotes and raises awareness of your brand. But having a generic year- round campaign can sometimes adversely affect the business’ sales. The reason for this is the brand might lose identity, personality and emotion so customers cannot connect with your brand. That why creating smaller more specific ones on the peripheral can keep engagement from customers. These tips for the back to school season campaigns will help you increase sales and conversion rates.

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Having promotional offers running during the back to school season is great, but it is not enough as many customers might not be aware of this. So, promoting your deals and offers on social media is a fantastic way to engage your customers. Facebook is an excellent platform to market your campaign to parents. Marketing a campaign on social requires a substantial amount of time to be run as you would need to engage with your customers daily to increase the conversion rate. Daily tasks could include posting on your page, answering customers’ questions and going live to provide extra information. As well as time, this would defiantly require a lot of effort to execute. If you market your campaign on social media platforms such as Facebook it may have higher costs, but the targeting capabilities are endless as you have the ability to get extremely focused marketing campaign and deliver ads to smaller but hyper-relevant audiences. The use of social media is recommended to last throughout the whole back to school season, as it is a great way to keep customers engaged. 

Another tip to boost sales with back to school season marketing campaign is to use exit intent pop ups. You can personalize these pop-ups for specific customers. This will help to increase your conversion rates as customers are more likely to finish the checkout process. You could make an exit intent pop ups more engaging for the customers by integrating a little game such as spin the wheel to win a price. The beauty of this is you will not need to put in as much effort or time in creating these pop-ups as there are third parties such as Socital that can do it for you for a very low price. However, they would need to be updated if would want to give extra deals when there is a sale or to target last-minute shoppers. This is a brilliant way to combat cart abandonment as well and increase sales during the season.

Last but not the least tip to make a back to school season marketing campaign is to build an active email list. The more email contacts you have to market to, the more sales opportunities you create. Email marketing can notify your potential customer about your products. But to make sure your email marketing to effective as it can be it needs to be active, so your subscribers need to open the emails. To make sure this is happening the email lists need to be regularly updated and to keep subscribers engaged send valuable information such as tips on what to get and not such advertising your products. This email marketing will only last for a certain time as back to school season ends, the email marketing will end as well as most customers/subscribers will not find it useful. Email marketing is a great tool to use to help execute other tips. This will help to highlight relevant school-related products or non-related products and promote your ecommerce brand’s social media. Email marketing helps to make a back to school season marketing campaign by engaging customers. 

These tips will help to make a back to school season marketing campaign a success and increase sales during that period which otherwise would have been lost. Using social media, exit intent pop-ups and email lists is an effective way in doing so as it can engage customers and give your brand identity, personality and emotion. But there are automated tools not to forget about such as automated emails to help to make a successful back to school marketing campaign.

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