How to Improve Your Website Ranking in 2020

If 2020 is the year that you have decided to actively try and improve your website ranking, then you have come to the right place. 

If you are relatively new and inexperienced in the world of online marketing, then you have probably been putting off this vital, yet overwhelming task for some time. It can be a complicated and complex process, even for those who know their way around the most common elements of search engine optimization. 

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With Google’s ranking factors constantly changing and being updated, it has never been more important that you consistently work hard to ensure that your website is ranked as high as it possibly can be. 

How can you achieve this? 

Keep reading to find out the most effective ways to ensure that you improve your website ranking in 2020. 

Focus on High Quality Content 

It has been said time and time again — but only because it is so crucial: ensuring your website has the very best possible content is the most important factor that you need to focus on if you want to improve your website ranking. 

Not only does your content need to be of a high quality, authentic and relevant to your target audience, but you also need to ensure that you do the following:

  • Identify and target a specific keyword phrase 
  • Be natural and user-friendly when placing keywords 
  • Use heading tags 
  • Add metadata 
  • Create relevant links 
  • Use alt tags 

Implement a Blogger Outreach Campaign

Although having quality content on your site is extremely important, promotion and linking strategies are also vital in content marketing and in improving your SEO. 

Blogger outreach involves working with popular bloggers or influencers within your industry to create high quality and engaging content that also promotes your brand. By linking your site to a credible and relevant source, you will automatically increase your site’s visibility to the most popular search engines. 

Using blogger outreach services to connect your business to just one high quality and influential blogger can do more for your website ranking than 1,000 irrelevant and insignificant sites. 

Utilise Video Content 

The popularity of video content is increasing daily with a whopping 78% of people watching online videos every week, and 55% watching them every day.

Why are they so popular? 

People nowadays want access to information fast, plus they want to be able to carry out other tasks whilst they are fulfilling their content needs. Videos are the simplest and most effective way of doing this. 

When you post video content on your website or your social media feed, the likelihood is that your users will spend longer on your site as they watch it. This is great news for your website ranking as search engines like Google will be able to see the value of your video and will rank your site accordingly. 

However, you need to ensure that you provide search engines with sufficient information about your video content, as well as having an eye-catching thumbnail. 

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