How Machine Learning Helps Improve Social Media Data Tracking

Social Media is becoming more and more important as we progress. With a lot of businesses understanding the power these channels hold and all the possibilities they present, data tracking is becoming more of a necessity to increase your business. You need proper data to target the right customers and build an audience. Lead generation will work better if you target your niche rather than the general masses.

machine learning

This is where machine learning comes in – it gives you a chance to code it to determine patterns. Social media is a gold mine to get relevant information for your business. Machine learning can help you extract these things without having to rely on the algorithm. What we are looking for here is data that is relevant to your business and can add value to your strategy and help increase sales.

Machine learning helps you get unadulterated feedback from your customers without the need to actually approach them. You can interpret messages that represent customer satisfaction, anger, happiness, and distress. Incorporating machine learning in your social media monitoring process is a great way to learn more about the sentiments of your customers.

For example –This analysis of the rich kids of the world based on Instagram uploads is a great example of how elaborate categories of data you can extract. Machine learning was used to identify the contents of 11,850 photos posted on ‘Rich Kids’ Instagram accounts. These are some of the facts that they derived –

  • 32% of photos included a car, and their favorite was the Lamborghini Aventador (17% of all cars featured)
  • 19% of photos showed off fashion brands, most often Gucci (21% of brands)
  • 63% of drinks in photos were champagne, most often Dom Pérignon (21% of drinks)
  • Instagram users were most envious of and inspired by the 1 in 5 photos featuring Rich Kids on vacation
  • 43% were so envious or inspired that they’d pay on average $82 extra to emulate a Rich Kid’s vacation using social media photo services
  • 60% failed to tell fake displays of wealth from real on social media, especially teenagers (68%)

The major areas where machine learning can help a business with their social media monitoring process are media analysis, efficient data extraction, and also better data processing. With a rise in influencer marketing and them tagging brands and companies on their photos and videos, the general masses have started doing the same. Some don’t but most have gotten on the bandwagon. So, when they don’t it becomes difficult to find customers talking about your business. Machine learning can help streamline this by determining patterns and logos in images and videos, and then you can collect data on how, where, and when the customers mention your brand on social media.

Like in the earlier mentioned analysis, they were able to deduce the most common themes and brands depicted in over 11,000 photos. Like, the top cars mentioned were Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, and Ferrari. Even as detailed as the top five handheld objects were alcohol, watch, jewelry, money, and phone. There is an enormous amount of data on the internet with users adding day by day. The main objective here is to find relevant data. Machine learning helps in collecting, extracting, and filtering the data that will actually help you with sales funneling.

Final Thoughts

As social media marketing takes precedence, so will the importance of collecting accurate driving data. Relevant data is the driving force of all the marketing campaigns. Knowing what your customers want and what works the best is the key to successful lead generation and sales funneling. All of these are made more efficient by implementing machine learning.

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