Reluctant to LinkedIn Outreach Automation? You Better Think Twice

LinkedIn is arguably the best social platform for professional networking. It has become an essential tool for many professionals both in business and in their personal lives. There are many amazing features on LinkedIn that make it very useful, including the ability to send connection requests, contact requests, or outreaches through automation.

LinkedIn Outreach Automation

Do not be discouraged by the idea of automation because you are missing out on some major benefits. This blog post will help you understand why LinkedIn outreach automation is so beneficial to your business, and how you can increase your leads and conversions.

Why is LinkedIn outreach automation so important?

The sales process often takes a great amount of time, and the majority of that time is spent on outreach. The sales cycle can be repeated many times before the lead becomes a customer.

LinkedIn outreach automation saves you time by sending messages to potential customers in your network. It also increases conversions by targeting potential customers in your industry with messages that align with their interests.

It’s important to automate your outreach for two reasons: time and money. If you’re doing manual outreach, it takes up a lot of time and this has an effect on your personal and professional life (you won’t be able to spend enough time on either).

Automating your LinkedIn outreach will make you more efficient and save you money because it costs less than hiring a team of people to do this for you. Salesflow offers a valuable outreach automation tool that can lead to more sales, so it’s worth adding to your list of marketing tools.

Less work for you

Salespeople spend hours every day pitching people on products and services. Lead generation alone takes a lot of time, and even with an entire team of people taking up this role, it can become a struggle to convert potential leads into customers.

Outreach automation significantly lessens this time burden by taking over the task of reaching out to the people you want to meet. You can target potential customers by industry and industry level, as well as offer them an incentive to connect.

Automation saves time

Salespeople can miss out on opportunities to connect with new customers simply because they are not aware of them. By automating your LinkedIn outreach, you can double-check that you don’t miss any leads. Instead of relying on yourself to check for connections, you can easily access the contact form on LinkedIn to follow up with anyone you have sent an outreach to.

Furthermore, your lead generation can be finely tuned for performance, to ensure that you’re catching as many potential leads on your web as possible, without spending time and effort trying to find these leads.

How Does LinkedIn Outreach Automation Work?

Outreach automation tools make it possible for you to create and send personalized messages with ease. The tools will help you by:

  • Finding people who don’t know about your company and reaching out with a personalized message.
  • Automatically following up when your recipient opens your message or links back to you on their own.
  • Sending reminders so that they don’t forget about the conversation once they’ve responded.

Outreach automation tools offer these capabilities in a seamless manner. You’ll also be able to access an analytics dashboard, which will show you a report on the success of your campaign.

So for example, you can easily perform A/B/C testing by setting up three different outreach campaigns and closely monitoring the performance of each one. This will help you to make the most of the tools that you’ve paid for and make them work for you.

Proven Techniques to Apply with LinkedIn Outreach Tools

Automated outreach is one of the ways to find leads on LinkedIn. It’s not entirely automated though. You still need to take the time to create a strategy, but it will at least save you hours that you would have spent manually searching for leads on LinkedIn or sending out cold emails.

These are some proven tactics that you should apply when using LinkedIn automation tools:

  • Start conversations with people who have a connection with your company or industry by mentioning them in a comment or reply thread.
  • Add people who have connections with your company or industry as contacts and send them messages about relevant news and articles.
  • Look for people in target industries and companies by using advanced searches on LinkedIn’s “People You May Know” feature.

One of the most popular automated outreach techniques being used on LinkedIn is InMail and Direct Connect messages. You can send out a message to someone once they have taken an action, such as following you or viewing your profile, and they will be more likely to respond because they have an interest in what you have to say.

If the person doesn’t reply after a second attempt, it’s best not to contact them again for this particular offer or opportunity.

Make sure that the content that you are trying to share is relevant. Another tip is to be entertaining or informative. Do not spam your contacts with the same message over and over again.

Instead, take a different approach with each message, and you see the outreach campaign results start flowing.