How To Grow Your Instagram Following Organically

Want to grow your Instagram followers organically without using bots? Here we will tell you about the best ways to grow your Instagram following using the right methods. Applying these tips will boost your Instagram game, and increase engagement.

Here’s a fun fact: 28% of the Internet uses Instagram. Despite that, growing your Instagram followers organically can be challenging.

You might be shocked that the Instagram algorithm doesn’t put your posts to all your followers. Almost 10% of your followers see your post.

According to the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, the algorithm isn’t a singular function and works based on various factors.

So, what’s the crack to increase your Instagram following organically? In this article, you’ll learn the same strategy and tips to get you, organic followers. These tried and tested tips work flawlessly if you follow them diligently.

Why Do You Need More Instagram Followers?

More Instagram followers add shine to your brand. However, there are several benefits of having more Instagram following:

Makes You Trustworthy

Whether a business profile or a professional, you must appear legit to your followers. People will only engage with your account or buy products from your brand. 

For this purpose, users will take your account and content more seriously when you have more followers. It will showcase that many people trust your service, which will help you get essential business opportunities. 

More Views, likes, And Comments

When you upload a post on IG, you want more people to see, like, and comment. But, when you have a small number of followers, only a few people will view and engage with your posts. 

But your posts’ reach and impressions will increase when you have a higher following. In turn, your posts will get more likes and comments. Consequently, it can help you create awareness about your brand and make sales from it.

Build Relationships In Your Industry 

Instagram is an excellent platform to reach your target audiences. It is also an ideal place for networking in your industry. You can connect and build relationships with other professionals and companies in your niche on IG.

Also, it will help you establish yourself as an industry expert. You can build a community and share your products and communities within it.

At the same time, you can create important business relationships benefitting your work. For these reasons, you must have a good Instagram following on your profile. 

6 Ways To Organically Increase Your Instagram Followers

You will find several methods to increase your Instagram following on the Internet. But the Instagram algorithm keeps on updating regularly.

Here are the six latest trending ways to increase your IG followers organically:

1. Make Your Profile SEO-friendly

Do your IG username, bio, and category also play a significant role in growing your IG following?

Just like you make your content SEO-friendly for search engines, you can also make your IG profile SEO-friendly. 

For instance, you can use keywords in your IG bio like ‘Wellness coach.’ 

So, whenever someone types this keyword in the search box, your profile will appear in the search results section. Similarly, you can describe what services or products you offer and for whom for more clarity to the audience. 

Some other ways to make your IG profile SEO-friendly are:

  • Choose a simple username reflecting your brand identity.
  • Use a descriptive profile name with a relevant keyword.
  • Make a keyword-rich bio.
  • Add a clickable link in the bio to your website.
  • Use relevant alt text with images 
  • Make cross-platform promotion

2. Write Engaging Captions

When people come across your post, they naturally see the first few words in your caption. You can use engaging words in the initial line that compels the audience to read it further.

Try to write engaging and relevant captions. It will make users take a break and read your caption. Moreover, it can increase engagement on your posts.

In your caption, you can compel the audience to take action (CTA), like ‘click the link in your bio’ or ‘follow your profile for similar posts.’

3. Use Relevant Hashtags 

Everyone knows that using popular hashtags on Instagram with your posts can help you increase your reach. But this is not all. You need to choose and use hashtags that are relevant to your posts.

It will help the Instagram algorithm understand your post’s context and put it under the proper categories. Consequently, your posts will be more likely to reach your target audiences.

If you use irrelevant hashtags in your post, your posts may show up in the feed of people who may not be interested in your products. So, this shall not increase your engagement, sales, or following. 

At the same time, you need to use a mix of general and specific hashtags. Focus on less competitive hashtags instead of any hashtag with millions of posts.

For example, if you share a wellness tip and use #wellness, you’ll find 64m posts (as of now) under this hashtag. In this case, your post won’t appear in the recent or top section — the chances are very slim as there are millions of other posts.

But, if you use specific hashtags like #wellnesstipsforliving, where there are less than 1000 posts under it will increase the chance of your post appearing and ranking under this hashtag. 

4. Engage With Other Accounts 

Consistent posts of high-quality posts will not drive followers, likes, or comments until you engage with other accounts. Although it takes time and effort, it significantly impacts your account’s growth.

Moreover, when the Instagram algorithm witnesses more engagement on your profile, it will show more of your content to those profiles. Also, it will increase the visibility of your posts, making them appear to more users in a similar niche.

Furthermore, avoid posting generic comments that do not get more attention; use meaningful words relevant to that post.

When you like and comment on the posts of others, they are likely to check your profile and, in turn, engage with it. Additionally, it will increase the chances of increasing your followers. 

5. Buy Instagram Followers Fast With A Service Provider  

You shall be wondering why we are suggesting you buy Instagram followers under organic methods to grow your Instagram following. But, there is an important reason for it. 

When you buy quality Instagram followers from a trusted IG seller, it will give your profile more credibility. People are more likely to follow an account with 2K followers than 300 followers. Consequently, new users will consider your profile reliable, engaging, and follow your account. 

However, don’t buy cheap Instagram followers from any random service provider. They may allow you to buy Instagram followers fast and conveniently, but they are more of bots. It can lead Instagram to take action, like suspending your account.

Instead, try to buy active Instagram followers from a reputable service provider. You can buy Instagram followers fast from to increase your IG followers organically. It permits you to buy followers instantly, and those followers are legit and real.

6. Develop Quality Content 

The golden way to get Instagram following is by creating quality content. It sounds simple at first, but it’s yet challenging. You must

  • do research,
  • understand your audiences,
  • and use your creativity. 

Quality content means you must have original ideas; human connections to offer something valuable and relatable to your target audience. When you make a post that solves the audience’s problem or guides them in any way, they will follow your profile for more such content. 

For this purpose, remember that Instagram is a video and photo-sharing platform, and you need to create compelling visuals to compete with others. 

Here are some tips to help you create quality content for Instagram:

  • Define your brand 
  • Understand your target audiences
  • Make an Instagram content strategy 
  • Create attractive visuals like photos and infographics 
  • Create informative and engaging reels
  • Use storytelling method 
  • Focus on sharing user-generated content 

You can use these tips to create and share quality content and post consistently to get maximum benefits. 

Wrapping Up

There you have it — expert tips for the organic growth of your Instagram.

Having a good Instagram following base brings multiple benefits. For instance, it increases your profile’s credibility, helps you in building relationships, and gets more likes, comments, and followers. 

As the trends keep changing, you need to follow the latest techniques to increase your IG followers. For that,

  • make your profile SEO friendly,
  • write engaging captions,
  • use relevant hashtags,
  • engage with other accounts,
  • and develop quality content. 

You can also buy real active Instagram followers from reliable service providers like Skweezer to boost your following.

Nonetheless, with these methods, you can drive more followers without inviting any action from Instagram.

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