How to get real Instagram followers?

We know what you’re thinking—“isn’t buying Instagram followers cheating or something?”

Newsflash: it’s not, and guess what, Many businesses and even private accounts decided to boost their Instagram by buying followers from companies like Leoboost. It’s simply, 100% authentic, real followers from all over the world. 

Nowadays, without a doubt it’s definitely the most affordable and fastest way to get your Instagram up and running in no time.

Instagram has become a reliable platform to grow on; this is because people are less active on Instagram, and they are less likely to follow random accounts. There is a vast number of Apps that increase Instagram followers. Still, right after a few days, you see a decrease in your Instagram followers or those followers did not get engage with your content.

People, when going to Google and search how to get real Instagram followers they visit so many pages but did not see any authentic information to work on that. So, we are going to discuss seven possible strategies for getting real Instagram followers. There are many tools and applications which you can use to validate the accounts when you buy Instagram followers.


1. Make Instagram Account Look Aesthetic

The first and foremost thing is to work upon the beauty of Instagram account. Make Instagram account look aesthetic. People would not follow you until and unless your account does not look beautiful, as beauty always attracts. Instagram experts say that one of the probabilities for an increase in real followers is account’s beauty. 

2. Make Profile Public

The second strategy is to make your profile public, do not make it private. Instagram users visit many profiles in a single day and follow other peoples, mostly because of public visibility. Public profile leaves a high impact on viewers if your profile is excellent and the viewer can see your content then, of course, he will follow you.

3. Use Niche Hashtags

Another essential strategy for increasing real followers on Instagram is to use niche hashtags. According to Instagram, a single user can use 30 hashtags in a post. Still, for engagement on account, the whole number is more than 11. Use relevant hashtags which suit your content. Do not use sports hashtags if your content is about travel and tourism. By following this strategy, you will make an increase in real Instagram followers, and they would not unfollow you. Some companies use hash tags to help you gain followers, you can easily buy real Instagram followers cheap from them.

4. Buy Shout-out

Moreover, buying a shout-out from an influencer or any account that has a high number of followings will be helpful for you in getting real Instagram followers. Remain to engage with people over top influencers posts, get connected with them in comments.

5. Be In The Community

Always be in the community, comment, and reply. Do follow other accounts which are related to your content, engage with users in the comment, and ready to respond to them. It will probably leave a positive impact on people reading your comments, and possibly they might follow you.

6. Schedule Posts

Remain active on the account and create posts a lot daily. Be prepared for the second day and decide what you would post tomorrow. Make a list for upcoming day’s posts and start creating at least 20 posts per day if you want to get real Instagram followers, as people follow those accounts that post more.

7. Create Stories

Last but not least; create stories by recording short video clips. Tell people about exciting things, connect yourself with them. If they ask anything, reply to them. By doing this, you will be capable of increasing your reach engagement and getting more real Instagram followers. Click here to know how to grow on Instagram.

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