Best Instagram Marketing Tips for Startups

Instagram is a popular social media platform nowadays, and thus it can be used for business marketing and promotional purposes. From selling a product to adding values to your business brand name, Instagram can be used for different purposes. For startups, it is important to take advantage of various social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter are the commonest social media platforms. After those social media websites, Instagram has been regarded as the most popular among startups for business marketing. For running a perfect Instagram marketing campaign, you need an Instagram ads tutorial. This article intends to guide you on planning and conducting a perfect Instagram marketing campaign for your startup business.

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1. Write a Crisp Bio for Instagram

When you create an Instagram business profile, you add photographs to the profile. You add contact details and website URL. After that, you start posting your content on Instagram. Well, in this process, you miss out on an important step, and that is adding a good bio. The bio has to be as attractive as your Instagram profile picture. Ideally, the bio should not be too long. It must be crisp and informative. You need to introduce your business elegantly through the bio. Using hashtags and keywords in the bio is also recommended. But, do not use too many hashtags and keywords, it looks stuffed and inorganic. You need to keep it as simple as possible.

2. Follow the Competitors

As a business, you need to check what your rivals or competitors are doing. Analyzing their Instagram profiles will help you to understand their strategies for business marketing. You shall also get an idea of developing your Instagram content from them. Just remember that you do not need to copy them, but you can get inspired by them and create a separate brand identity for your brand. You need to learn how your competitors are running their business campaigns.

3. Plan and Create Contents

Since you have created an Instagram account for your business, sitting idle would not fetch you anything. You need to post content regularly to get noticed by your target audience. Now, the question is, what should be your content? As stated above, you can get ideas on creating and posting content from your competitors. Check their business profiles and under the contents that they create. You have to create similar content. Make sure that your content must be relevant to your business and brand identity. For Instagram, it’s all about visuals;  various graphic materials or ad infographics work well for startups. Text contents have little value in Instagram marketing. So, you have to focus on making graphic layouts for advertising your products or services and your business brand name.

4. Strategic Use of Hashtags

When you are using Instagram, you must understand the use of hashtags. You need to check the hashtags that are trending on social media. If you can make business posts something relevant to the trending hashtags, your profile can enhance its reach meticulously. Not just using the trending hashtags, you need to engage your fans to post with content with hashtags that you create. This is how your business can engage more people in your social media campaign. Getting higher visibility will fetch many potential buyers for your startup.

5. Use Instagram Stories

You may have already noticed the feature to add stories to Instagram. However, you have not tried this feature yet. Well, in that case, you are missing a chance to gain more attention for your Instagram business marketing campaign. You need to use the stories of Instagram meticulously. You should create content for the stories. From short videos to static content, stories have to be utilized properly. You can announce a vital business event date via stories. You can highlight a few premium products in the stories section. Overall, ads on a story can grab attention easily, especially when they are created with sheer meticulousness.

6. Feature Customers or Clients on Instagram

When you get a good review from a satisfied customer or client, you can feature that review on your Instagram profile. There are two ways of sharing such reviews. First of all, you can post the review on your feed as a post. Secondly, you can add such positive reviews about your business in the stories section. Featuring the reviews of real satisfied customers will help your business to become trustworthy for the hesitant buyers. Nevertheless, satisfied customers would love to be featured on a business Instagram profile. Being featured on a business Instagram profile would fetch followers and recognition for an individual.

7. Interact with the Followers

Followers love a business profile that interacts with them; it feels personal. You should give replies to some of your followers in the comment section. You can give likes and smiles to the followers. The idea is to behave like a human instead of behaving like a robot. Interacting with people makes an Instagram profile popular. When you engage in chats or discussions in the comment section, people find encouragement to comment, like, and share your content.

8. Short Videos for Instagram Marketing- Reelz

The concept of using short videos, known as Reelz for Instagram marketing, is getting popular. Instead of static graphic materials, using videos fetch more engagement to your social media profiles. Hence, you must create engaging videos for your followers. This will further enhance your Instagram profile’s reach among the target group of audiences. For creating innovative and interesting videos, you can use VideoCreek.

9. Paid Instagram Promotion

Every business needs to think about investing money for a paid business campaign on Instagram at some point in time. Is it worth it at all? Paid business marketing on Instagram is worthy, but you need to decide when you are ready to use it. When your business starts earning good revenue, you can think about switching to a paid campaign. On the other hand, many businesses create a business marketing campaign on Instagram and Facebook with paid promotion. It is an investment that they make to gain potential buyers for the business.

Following the tips mentioned above are beneficial for Instagram business marketing. As a startup business, you should follow these tips to make your Instagram promotion campaign successful. A properly planned approach for business marketing is essential.

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