How To Hide Followers On Instagram

Hide Followers On Instagram

Social media can occasionally rob us of our most valuable possession: privacy. But getting rid of social media is only some people’s cup of tea. In this situation, boosting your profile’s private setting is essential. 

Instagram is one of the most widely used social networking websites. Every Instagram user wants to keep some parts of their account private. A user wants to be sure that no one may see their followers or following list. Anyone who visits a person’s profile can see the information of your account, including all of your “followers” and “following.” Can you mask your Instagram followers?

One thing that is crucial but challenging is safeguarding consumers’ privacy. While Instagram offers a lot of privacy settings, there are some issues that users must handle on their own using a few tactics. 

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Can you hide followers on Instagram?

If you have a profile on Instagram and have a page or public account, you know how crucial it is to manage it carefully. However, things can spiral out of control. Information about your followers may be utilized to learn personal details about you, your friends, and your family. Therefore, hiding this information is essential if a bothersome user is tampering with your posts or attempting to obtain information through your followers.

It is not officially possible to hide your following from other users on Instagram. Additionally, a third-party program doesn’t allow you to hide your Instagram followers. You cannot hide your Instagram followers list or the people you follow, whether you have a personal or business account. Your follower count will still be visible to others, but there are ways for you to conceal it from anyone you don’t wish to engage with. Decide if you want to completely hide the number of people you follow or the people you follow or if you just need to prevent a specific user from seeing your list. 

You have two main choices here because you can only partially conceal your follower list from your friends and specific users. Let’s examine these potential and practical solutions in detail. Here’s how to hide your Instagram followers and following list if you don’t want anyone else using the network to see them.

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How to hide followers on Instagram?

  • Create a private profile because anyone can view your followers if public mode is enabled.
  • Restricting specific followers will only hide one individual, as opposed to everyone who visits your profile.

Making a Private Account

The most sensible thing to do is to create a private profile, even though it isn’t your only choice. Sharing images, posts, and Instagram Stories will then only be possible with those you have given access to on your profile.

  • Access the Settings menu
  • Launch Instagram, then click on your profile photo. Your primary profile will then be shown.
  • Choose the three vertical lines symbol on the screen’s upper right corner.
  • Choose “Account Privacy” 
  • Scroll down until you locate “Privacy” in settings. You can control your profile’s activity status from this page.
  • Change account to Private 
  • Your Instagram account will be private after you switch to the “Private Account” option!
Making a Private Account

If you have a private profile, you can accept users before they view your posts and follower list. Only those who follow you on Instagram can view and interact with your posts when your account is private. Your posts won’t appear in searches even if you use trending hashtags. It also implies that anyone who is not already following you must request to follow you to view your stuff.

If you are a business account or a content creator, having a private account can work in your favor. Your viewers will get the impression that you value quality content overreach if you restrict who may access your posts. Because they are a part of the exclusive place you have created for them, followers will also feel the content you offer is specifically suited for them.

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Hide Followers from Particular Persons

The alternative option entails excluding a particular person from your follower list. You have three possibilities in this situation.

  • Remove Followers: Follow these simple instructions to stop someone from following you:
    • Open your main profile and select “Followers.”
    • There will be a list of persons and accounts that follow you;
    • Tap “remove” next to each account you want to delete.
how to Remove Followers in Instagram

The people you remove will simply stop following you if you remove them from your Instagram account. Finding someone will become more complex with more followers, but you can utilize the search box to browse for users.

Make sure you don’t have a Green Circle when they post Instagram stories because you don’t want to restrict stories or kick individuals out who think of you as their best friend!

  • Account Restrictions: Although restricting accounts won’t prohibit users, they won’t be able to connect with your profile. Additionally, it will cover up someone else’s comment, stop them from seeing your online status, and, of course, cover up your following. Think of it as a “soft block.”
    • The same steps as above must be followed to access Settings;
    • Go to “Connections,” then “Restricted Account,” and then select “Privacy.”
    • To add an account to the list, find the one you wish to restrict.
Instagram Account Restrictions

Restricting an account will only let the person see the most recent comments on your posts, and you can select to see comments by tapping View Comments, according to Instagram. If you want other people to be able to read their comments as well, hit Approve. You can tap Approve to confirm, remove or disregard their comment, or both.

  • Disable Accounts: Blocking a user is your only option if you genuinely want to hide followers from them on Instagram, although it could be considered reckless.
    • Visit the user’s profile and click the three dots in the top right of the page.
    • Press “Block User” once.
blocking someone on Instagram

A user who is blocked cannot communicate with you in any way. However, remember that if you try to block someone on Instagram and it says they can’t be found, they may have blocked you.

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This is how you can hide your followers and keep your sanity in the crazy world of social media. We hope this blog has helped you create a safer and happier social media experience.

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