How to Get more Followers from Instagram?

Do you spend most of your time on Instagram? If creating content for Instagram is something you do, the word “Share” may strike the chords with you. You must focus and create something attractive and engaging. 

Whether you’re creating content for a few followers or to promote your business, you must focus on how to do it. Especially if you’re using Instagram for your business, you shouldn’t be totally reliant on one platform. Different marketing techniques can play an essential role in the growth of your business. 

Here are a few Instagram growth service tips that will eventually help you attract more followers

Optimize your bio

Optimize instagram bio

Your bio is one of the most important aspects of your business, and you wouldn’t want it to be dull. Honestly, your bio is the first thing your visitors will notice. Even if you’re creating a bio using 150 characters, you need to ensure that it’s engaging and attractive. 

Your Instagram bio is responsible for informing your actions and who you are. Experts recommend adding a call-to-action in the bio for extra advantages. The in-bio link is the only clickable link, so you need to be very strategic about how you implement it.

As businesses, you should include the standard link. However, if you’re confused, you can use tools to include all your different links into a single link. Apart from these, you should also include the branded hashtag. However, it is advisable to place these hashtags strategically to attract the attention of your users

Schedule a time

schedule call

While you may think that posting anytime will help you gain followers, it won’t. There’s always the best time to post on Instagram, especially for specific businesses. Although we can’t really tell which is the best time to post on Instagram, you should understand your business’s necessities and requirements. If you remain active on Instagram too often, you probably already know which is the ideal time when most of your followers are active. You can get Instagram automation tools to get tons of organic followers.

You can use your Instagram insights to find out when most of your audience is online. This will also play an essential role in determining which content is the most relevant to your audience. It is always advisable to follow a step-by-step guide to find which one is the most attractive timeline. Well, you can consider experimenting with different times and keep track of your engagement. 

Post consistently

post consistently

If you want followers, you need to be active with posting. As per the ideal guideline, you should share around four Instagram posts every week. Nonetheless, if you want to be relevant to your customers, you might as well post once a day. 

Brands that post regularly on their Instagram IDs are likely to attract more audience than those who don’t. Instagram follows an algorithmic timeline, but it is necessary to note that in Instagram, consistency is the key to growth. If you follow the timeline, you will be able to stay ahead of your competitors. 

Nonetheless, one of the key things to note about Instagram growth is that quality matters more than quantity. If you maintain the two, you will be able to drive better engagement rates. You should create content that reaches your target audience. You might as well use the Instagram tools or schedule the posting via them only. 

Experiment with content types

Instagram is a very diverse platform which is why you should experiment with it regularly. Instagram has updated its content type. It is important to note that Instagram is no longer about only photos. The coming together of different content types can play an important role in gaining followers. This is also a new way to connect with the audience. 

The algorithm is one of the most important aspects of Instagram. Apart from photos, it would help if you also considered posting stories and reels. If your Instagram feed contains reels, you will get a lot of followers. Every content type has its own advantages. Ever since Instagram reels were introduced, people started interacting with each other more. Instagram TV or IGTV also attracts four times more followers than photos. 

Create unique content

effective content

Don’t follow the herd, but break away from the stereotypes. It is time that you start indulging and creating unique content for your audience. People don’t want to see your sales but what your brand is all about. 

Whenever you’re using Instagram for growth, know that what might work for one brand may not work for another. Before posting content, you need to check what you want your brand’s tone to be. You should analyze the kind of topics you want to introduce in your content. Everything you post on your brand’s social media should reflect the personality and beliefs. 


If you want to grow steadily over Instagram, you need to provide your target audience with quality content. Businesses need to follow a strategic approach to make their businesses grow. Path Social can further help to create tips to generate more followers. 

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