How to Grow Your Business with SEO

Getting your content to rank well on a search engine involves utilizing search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is essential for growing your business and showing searchers that your business is credible. In the clutter of content on the web, here’s how to get yours to rank well.

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Do Keyword Research 

Keyword research gives you essential insight. It uncovers what topics people care about and what queries to target. 

You want to be very strategic about this. Get into the head of possible customers and try different keyword variations. Tackle the questions they want answers to. For example, if you’re in financial services, some keyword phrases might be “financial planner near me” or “who are the best financial planners.” Another thing to consider is location based keywords. There are many resources like a SEO guide for service-area businesses so you can rank no matter what your location may be.

Another way to tackle keyword research is to note what keywords your website is already getting found for and expand on that. You can do this with website analytics software, which you can get for free.

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While SEO generally involves the same process regardless of industry, there are a few unique considerations for specific industries. If you are in the financial technology industry, you may want to read up on FinTech SEO techniques.

Create a Separate Page for Each Keyword

Many SEO pros recommend creating a separate page targeting each keyword that you want to rank for. Each web page should be hyper-focused for better ranking and searcher experience. If the keyword has variations, then create other pages to cover those variations. 

By taking this approach and allowing specificity, you can ensure that you are best serving your potential customers’ wants and needs. 

Additionally, be sure not just to choose keywords arbitrarily—more isn’t always better if they aren’t going to be helpful. Take into consideration the searcher’s intent and make sure your content answers their questions. 

Google is brilliant and knows the best place to send people searching for specific things. If you jam a bunch of keywords into one page, Google may not choose to feature you. Choose relevant and hyper-focused words, and Google will be your friend. 

If you are a startup and new to all of this, it may seem overwhelming and obscure. However, getting your blog SEO ready is a task that anyone can do.  

Use Analytics to Track Your Success 

Analytics will tell you how many visits your site is getting and if your SEO efforts are working. It can help you pinpoint your weak spots and adjust your priorities to be more successful.

As stated before, you can do this with website analytics software, which you can get for free.

Set goals and benchmarks for how many eyes you want on your content and how many customers you are getting from it. Are people clicking through your website or merely clicking away?

Customer journey analytics can provide you some insight into visitor behavior on your website. Woopra can help you out with this. 

Next Steps

To grow your business in 2021, taking advantage of and mastering SEO is critical. Fortunately, the tools and insights outlined in this article will make you feel confident in getting started. 

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