10 Benefits of Custom Saw Manufacturing

There was a time in manufacturing when businesses were limited mainly to purchasing and using standard issue and mass-produced equipment. This equipment, which was available in very limited variations, was designed to be an acceptable option for many, instead of a perfect option for a few. No longer is this the case!  

Saw Manufacturing

In today’s cutting-edge world of manufacturing improvement, just about any piece of machinery can be customized, allowing any company to utilize only the best equipment, tailored exclusively for their needs.  

Custom metal machining can be used to create entire machines from the ground up, customize additions to existing machines, or create smaller custom machine parts such as the ever-popular saw blades. 

Notably, increasing levels of customization have been highly sought after by companies working with high volumes of lumber and paper products, as well as other specialized material. One of the most exciting developments in custom manufacturing is the number of options now available to the timber product industry. They produce furniture and hardwood flooring and require different variations of high-quality saws in order to tackle jobs involving distinct cuts and types of wood. 

No matter what products your business specializes in, if you use machinery regularly as part of your operations, chances are you could see the following benefits from custom saw manufacturing.  

1. A Cleaner Cut 

If your business trades primarily in timber products, you’re probably aware that different cuts require specialty blades to achieve the best result.  

Are you cutting along the wood grain? A ripping blade is your best option. If you’re cutting across the wood grain, a cross-cut blade with its higher concentration of teeth is better suited to your needs. Maybe you need a compromise somewhere in the middle. A combination blade could be a cost-effective option that could allow you to complete a higher number of tasks on one machine.  

Making sure you have the right blade for the job is essential in ensuring your lumber is cut clean and up to the standards your customers expect. By using a custom saw manufacturer such as https://ptmi.net/, you can choose the type of blade, tolerance, feed system, or bump wall options that suit your business, to guarantee you’re producing the best result. 

2. Extensive Array Of Options 

No matter the kind of work you do, there is a custom saw blade option for you.  

Any type of material being cut, whether it be wood, metal, or even if you’re pruning greenery, a customer saw manufacturer can build a blade that perfectly fits your existing equipment and goals.  

From your sizable industrial equipment to your basic hand tools, no piece of equipment is too large or insignificant to be improved with a custom-built saw blade.   

3. Saves Rework Costs 

Bulk-manufactured saw blades undeniably get the job done, but you could be providing a better-quality product for your customers if you had a saw blade customized to the exact specifications you need.  

If you’re using a saw blade that’s merely ‘good enough,’ you may be spending time going back over the product with other machines or hand tools to achieve the finish you’re aiming for.  

When your custom equipment is perfect for the job, you can be confident that a product won’t need a second look or any additional work before flying out the door, allowing you to save costs that would have otherwise gone into labour needed to rectify issues from the first cut.  

4. Cost-Effective Blades 

Although custom saw manufacturing is an upfront cost, getting the right product at a reasonable rate is a great way to ensure that your ongoing running costs remain low.  

Using the wrong blade for a job may work well enough short term, but long term, you will find the blades no longer work as well as they used to, and they will break more frequently than if they were being utilized for their intended type of cutting. The cost of replacing or repairing these blades over time can fast outstrip the initial outlay of custom blades. 

Aside from the cost of the blades themselves, how much time and labour is your business spending on rectifying products cut inefficiently with a mass-produced saw?  

Without these additional labour requirements, your staff will be free to work on increasing output to bump up your profit margins, something that may seem out of reach with your current blades.  

5. Reliable Suppliers 

The mass-produced blades that come standard with most machinery will need replacing at some point. Sharpening blades to prolong their life is not recommended and can, in fact, be dangerous, and all blades will eventually dull.  

The companies who mass produce blades are more likely to have poor customer service standards and lengthy order delivery times compared to a local manufacturer, due in part to the sheer number of customers they have to manage. If your saw broke unexpectedly, it could be weeks before you have a new one and can resume work on that machine. Think of the lost productivity! 

Large manufacturing companies are also not infallible. Where would you turn if you needed a new saw urgently, and the company had collapsed?  

Your local custom saw manufacturer is doubtless able to provide a better customer experience with faster turnaround times. If you build a relationship with your local supplier, they are also more likely to bump up the priority of your order free of charge in an emergency situation.   

6. A Supplier That Can Scale Up With Your Business 

Custom saw manufacturers don’t have the same bulk sale pressures as the bigger distributors, meaning they have more time available to build a relationship with you, and they have a unique ability to produce as many (or as few) custom saw blades as you need.  

You can be confident that whether you want just a few blades and here and there, or if you need a larger order of custom saws in the future, they’ll be willing and able to fulfil your order quickly and efficiently, whatever the scale. 

It’s perfectly normal to be wary of a new business if you haven’t experienced the results of their products first hand.  

Ask your local custom saw manufacturer for a consultation to see what options may be available to you or even a demonstration. They can discuss with you what products may best suit your business, allowing you to start as small as you like, even with just one blade.  

Once you begin experiencing the benefits of a custom saw manufactured to your exact requirements, you’ll be in a more confident position when it comes to increasing future custom saw orders for your business.  

7. Support Your Local Community 

Custom saw manufacturers are generally local and offer a more personalized, friendly experience than you will find with larger bulk distributors who may have the majority of their operations overseas.  

When you choose to do business with a custom manufacturer in your region, you know you’re supporting local businesses and adding to your network.  

Local businesses tend to recommend other local businesses. Not only is it a good community-focused act to use a nearby supplier, but it’s also a smart networking move. Building a solid relationship with your custom saw manufacturer enables you to send business their way and be sure that they’ll be doing the same for you. 

8. Future Proof Your Business 

In recent years there has been an undeniable downturn in manufacturing worldwide, which has concerning implications for the global economy. US manufacturing has experienced recessions in recent years, and the economic recovery is not occurring quickly enough for some companies who are feeling the pinch or even closing their doors. 

It’s never been more important to ensure your business is competitive both locally and in the larger national (or even international) market to give yourself the best chance at not only riding out any dips in the economy but thriving while your peers may be struggling to keep up.  

No matter what your business does, if you rely on good quality, reliable saw blades to produce a quality product, it’s critical that you’re working with the best tools available.  

Custom saws help your company maximise productivity and product quality to keep your customers coming back while saving you money on rework labour costs.  

9. Build Your Clientele 

Word-of-mouth is one of the most valuable marketing tools at the disposal of any company, and best of all, it’s free! 

By consistently providing top-quality products at competitive rates, along with world-class customer service, your customers will no doubt recognize the value of your offering. 

Customers who are blown away by the quality of their purchasing experience are far more likely to recommend you to their network than a customer who receives a solid but otherwise unremarkable product or experience.  

With custom saw blades, your business can provide a better-quality product delivered fast to your customers. This streamlined product experience, combined with consistently excellent customer service, will provide your business with great word-of-mouth marketing & positive online reviews, both of which attract new clientele.  

10. Try A Company’s Offerings Before A Big Purchase 

If you’re considering a significant purchase like having an entire machine custom-built, purchasing a custom saw blade is a great way to trial a manufacturer’s product quality and customer service before committing to a larger investment. 

The saw blade will allow you to assess the quality of the suppliers’ products, and their customer service and delivery timeframes will allow you to get a feel for how efficiently their business runs. 

It’s a wonderful opportunity to discover first-hand what kind of personal customer experience you can expect from a manufacturer without the commitment of a much larger project such as a custom-built cutting centre.  


No longer is the purchase of custom equipment limited to large companies with deep pockets; custom saw manufacturing is now a viable and accessible option for businesses of all levels.  

Something as simple as gifting yourself the right saw blades for the job can have huge financial and practical impacts on your business and its customers.  

If your company utilises saw blades, it’s worth making a call to (or dropping by) your local customer saw manufacturer to see how you can improve your business today.

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