How to Find an Online Headshop you Trust

There are many online headshops, with the legalization of cannabis across many countries,  cropping up on the internet that offers many types of bongs, vaporizers, pipes, grinders, rolling papers, and other smoking accessories. Which online smoke shop to choose to shop from and trust has become difficult with the rise of so many.


Deciding what items to buy and what shops to trust is tricky, so we have some things you need to look for when deciding which online headshop you will be shopping from.

Most good shops will have a wide range of brand selections to offer. If a shop has a variety of brands you can buy from, from big names to handmade small businesses, then it most likely has been in the game long enough to make a name and reputation for itself. Which means that whatever you need to buy will be available and you will get a good service plus their policies will be great.

Speaking of policies, good shops will have warranties for the products, especially electronics. The way the policies are described in an online shop is the easiest way to know if you can trust the shop. Good shops will have their policies very clear and in a clear view. If you have to search for warranties, shipping charges, policies, then chances are that there is something that the shop wants to hide. They could not be providing warranties or could be charging for shipping and handling, and there could not be a return policy at all.

Electronic products like vaporizers should come with a warranty, and glass bongs should come with a proper care list plus easy return if you receive a cracked or chipped bong.

Now we know that buying electronic products always means getting good stuff otherwise it can cause a number of problems. Because of this, the legitimacy of the products is an important concern that you should have when looking for headshops to shop from. If a product of a certain brand is suspiciously cheaper than elsewhere, then that can be a red flag.

Look for brand verifications. Counterfeit and knock off products are a legit problem that has been plaguing every industry, headshops are no exception. You might think that you are buying from a well-known brand, but these are usually replicated products that do not adhere to the same standard of safety and protocol. Because you are using it for something that you will be intaking in your body, you need to be careful.

To check if the site is worth shopping from, read the customer reviewers. If there are none, then you might want to rethink.

After all of this, you buy the product and suppose there is some issue. What would you want to do? Of course, contact customer service. So, it makes sense to be sure that the site offers customer support and won’t leave you hanging once you have made the purchase.

Good shops that have been in business for quite some time know the importance of good customer service. More the number of communication channels available for you to contact, more the chances are that you will get speedy replies and information to your queries.

So, the major things you need to look for are the selection of products, their warranties and return policies, shipping charges, the authenticity of products, and the customer service provided. Once, these basic things have been looked for, you will find the online smoke shop you can trust.

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