How to Get the Best Shipping Rates for your Business 

Running a business is a very expensive operation and you will need to cut costs as much as you can. By cutting costs, you’re able to free up extra resources that you can use in other areas of your business. If you are running a business that supplies products to an international market, you will benefit from cutting shipping costs as well. The key is to stay on budget and not waste valuable money so if you are an entrepreneur, keep reading as we provide tips on how you can get the best shipping rates for your business.

Use MyUS to cut carrier costs

MyUS is one of the most reputable shipping services available for businesses. MyUS is a global shipping company that ships products to over 220 countries worldwide. When signing up for their services on, you save up to 80% on all international shipping and you also pay no US sales tax which makes this a very cost-effective shipping option for businesses with a global reach. This company also offers an app that allows you to access discounts as well as track your package so if you’re looking for the best shipping rates, this is the company to consider. They also offer superior packaging and their customer care is top rated.

Reduce the weight of packages 

When you ship heavy items, you will pay more unless you’re using flat-rate shipping. If you are shipping from home and printing your labels, you should consider purchasing a postage scale so that you can predict the costs which will allow you to then purchase the right shipping labels. Shipping carriers also consider the dimensions of the package when they calculate shipping costs so avoid using a box that’s too big when packing a lightweight item for example. Larger boxes result in larger dimensional weight which will be more expensive. 

Decrease the shipping distance

Another thing that costs more is shipping to faraway destinations. When it comes to shipping, there are various shipping zones that represent different geographical areas that the shipping company ships to. The zones span from zone 1 to zone 8 and the zone represents the distance that the shipment travels. The further away the destination is, the higher the zone will be and therefore the more expensive it will be. In addition to higher costs, further distances also result in slower shipments. By eliminating shipping to higher zones, you save a significant amount of money long term by paying lower rates. 

Determine your shipping budget 

Many businesses are unsuccessful when it comes to setting a shipping budget because of poor planning, unpredictable surcharges, and unforeseen market conditions to name a few. The key is to master your costs and create a budget by sorting out your shipping expenses. This includes Rate base, cost per shipping zone, service levels, and common surcharges to name a few. Creating a shipping budget is guesswork because each shipment has a different weight, dimension, and destination which all contribute to fluctuating costs. There are also labor costs to consider so you need to consider all aspects of your business when creating a budget. You should also regularly check that you are following your estimated budget. Do check-ins to determine if your shipping expenses are lining up with your budget estimates and if not, you must be able to determine what it is that’s blowing up your shipping budget. Budgeting is a powerful way to cut costs and stay on top of your expenses so don’t skip this step.

Running a business is an overwhelming and expensive operation. There are many expenses and when you run a global business that ships internationally, you are adding to those expenses. Shipping can be expensive so you need to do whatever you can to cut costs for your business. That includes using a reputable shipping company that offers discounts such as MyUS, reducing the weight of your packages, decreasing shipping distance, and creating a shipping budget. By doing this, you can cut costs which will make more funds available to enhance your business further. 

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