How To Effectively Design And Deliver Leadership Training With LMS?

When we say leadership development today is in crisis, you’ve got to believe us. It’s a part of real crisis that even World Economic Forum lists it as the third most important issue on its agenda. And, employees are less likely to trust their management when leadership skills are lacking. “A glaring gap exists between the leadership skills organizations have now and the ones they will need in five years,” stated the Association for Talent Development. Although this gap is a huge problem but can be fixed in time with a solution, i.e. consistent and effective leadership training. This is an obvious fix to the problem of inefficient leadership development but how do businesses effectively design and deliver training which helps produce the leaders they need? LMS which provides engaging, on-demand training and can be tailored to the needs of individuals is a great tool to help you get started. We’ll tell you how. Read on to know!

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Create well-paced, short segments of training

As we consider the criticality of skills gap, it comes reinstated that a lot of training needs to be provided in this area. But, does it mean to overload your learners with all information at once? Absolutely not. Instead, break the enormous heap of information present to short, self paced segments and include them as a part of different modules of training course. And this is what is referred to as microlearning. At the start, make the training simple and introduce basic elements after all, you don’t want your learners to become weak leaders who are afraid of attractively massive facts and figures about leadership! Hence, crafting and delivering leadership themed microlearning is the way to commence.

Integrate coaching to employees’ learning path

Coaching is a great way to pass on crucial leadership skills as it often prompts leaders to reflect upon their learning and draw conclusions based on it. Using LMS for workforce development and in this case to facilitate coaching offers many advantages, eliminating any geographical barriers being the most pressing of them all. Learners are able to easily connect with coaches from around the world who provide the best direction to their career path and there are various online tools that facilitate the same. Moreover, simple LMS features like web conferencing and calendaring can be used to schedule and deliver one on one online training sessions which reinforces what the learners have grasped in their training program.

Make leadership training collaborative

An effective leader is someone who is good at collaborating with others, building teams, coaching people, developing strengths of individuals, and bringing out the best in them. You can create such leaders only when your leadership training is collaborative and not solitary. 

For this, make use of the plethora of social learning tools available like webinars, instant chat, document sharing, language localization, online community forums, and others alike. Use them and encourage your learners to communicate the key takeaways, mentor each other, and share more ideas. 

By implementing the aforementioned techniques, skills gap amongst your organization’s leaders shall reduce. So, stop waiting and get started with them today! 

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