Learning Momentum Day Trading Strategies

When you learn momentum day trading strategies, you can take your day trading to the next level. Many day traders can scrape by with a grinder’s mentality, where you make 1-2% on trades and keeping their losing trades to a minimum. But by incorporating real strategies from interactive brokers and day trading instructors with lots and lots of experience in trading in volatile markets.

Those strategies can be the difference between financial freedom and a side gig that just brings in a few bucks a day. Momentum day trading strategies from Warrior Trading are designed to take advantage of a daily market that sees swings in companies that can bring you lots of gains, quickly. The trick is to find those stocks before the big spike and protect your profits by selling off those shares before the big drop-off.

Risk management is a huge part of day trading success. When you learn the right strategies, you can find stocks that bring your 20-30% profit. That can add up, if you find enough stocks in a given day or a given week that bring in a profit of that level. But you really need to make sure that you protect yourself against bad trades. Because you are definitely going to make bad trades. Everyone does. The best traders limit those mistakes with clear stop-loss points and unending discipline.

Here is a quick tutorial on the makeup of a stock that is about to go on a run: a float of under 100 million shares, which means that you can imagine all the shares being traded that day, strong daily charts, a high relative volume, which compares the volume of selling for that stock on that day to average volumes in the recent past and a catalyst such as a press release on a new product or an earnings report.

The question is, how do you find these stocks? Where are they hiding? Actually, out in plain sight. But there are so many stocks on the market you need stock scanning software to go through the reams and reams of stocks to find the ones about to break. That is an important tool for aspiring day traders.

When you take the time to learn and refine your momentum day trading strategies from real, wise instructors, you can take your day trading to the next level. All it takes is the time, dedication and concentration to take the online classes, work with trading mentors and practice in a trading simulator. Then you are on your way to eventual profitability in day trading.

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