How To Build A Life Coaching Career

Coaching is an evolving career path. It consists of people who are passionate about helping other people. Indeed, it is a great career path with a lot of potential. It is a career that can both provide professional fulfillment and the expected payment benefits.

Although a life coaching career looks attractive from a distance, it typically requires some degree of effort to build one from scratch up. That means anyone looking to build a life coaching career can use some help. Here are the ways to building a life coaching career effortlessly:

1. Establish Your Niche

There are many different life coaching niches you can venture into. However, it does no good to assume that you can be in every possible niche available. While trying to build a career in coaching, you should try to focus on the particular aspect you want to work in.

Choosing the niche you want to specialize in will help you to focus your energy on that aspect very early on. It helps the individual to cut down on unwarranted efforts in the wrong direction. This also helps you to build your career from the ground up very quickly. The various life coaching niches include leadership, business, career, personal improvement, and spirituality.

2. Get a Life Coach Certification

There are no governing bodies in the life coaching profession just yet. However, getting certified is one way to get started on your coaching careers. There are options for both physical and online life coach certification courses.

These credentials go a long way in boosting your credibility in the early stages of your coaching profession. They are also an attestation to your measured ability in doing justice to your clients’ needs. Coaching credentials are on offer from recognized organizations such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Association for Coaching (AC).

3. Decide How You Want to Offer Your Services

The mode through which you want to offer your services is fundamental. You have the option of having physical meetings or holding virtual ones. Choosing one of the two possible means of service delivery can help you with setting up faster.

Holding physical meetings in an office comes with the benefit of a professional outlook. You could also hold physical meetings at your home. It would be best if you took note of the financial implication of physical sessions at an office. Regardless of location, your clients must feel very comfortable in a physical meeting space.

Organizing online or virtual meetings has its own specialties. It requires obtaining some live recording gear for the sessions, such as microphones and quality camera phones, which space you would use with little interference. Additionally, where exactly you want to host these meetings, and is it free or paid? How many members can you have at once amongst others? The answers to these questions can help you better understand your need to hold virtual sessions.

Alternatively you could build a coaching app with (review). This WYSIWYG app builder lets you build and market your coaching services with powerful features for recurring revenue.

4. Prove the Legality of Your Coaching Career

Starting a life coaching business, you should look into how you can get some legality into the business structure. Begin by naming your business. Do this with little ado by picking a name that comes naturally to you.

Business registration is the most crucial step in proving your business’ legality. You need to decide which registration you want to sign up for. The two most common business registration types are:

  • Sole Proprietorship: This is the ideal registration type for small business owners. It merely translates to the fact that the business proprietor is responsible for the company’s liability. It is very easy to set up and comes with low initial costs.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC): LLC owners are called members. In an LLC, there is a level of protection for business owners. This is because it separates the business as an entity from the owner(s). It requires a more stringent process of registration and comes with higher initial costs.

Other ways to prove your business legality include obtaining insurance, legal terms documentation, and a liability waiver.

5. Create a Marketing Plan and Be Online

Marketing is very key to build a life coaching career. This is important because a life coaching career is only successful when it starts to bring in clients. One verified way to do that is through marketing.

You can market your life coaching business by leveraging your existing people network. Join other networking groups.

Moving your business online is another great marketing strategy. First, any business online today has better outreach than other conventional businesses. The two priority points are social media and a business website. You can do the following with the two media:

  • Be active on social media and sell your coaching services to users.
  • Create quality content around your life coaching niche on social media and your business website.
  • Create an emailing list to send updates to subscribers constantly.
  • Consider paid marketing on both these media.


Life coaching is one career path where the individual steers the wheel of their coaching career. One way to get started quickly is to know which niche you want to specialize in.

Get a life coach certification to prove the credibility of the services you claim to offer. Decide how you want to provide your services and make sure to let clients. Go a step further to prove your business legality. Market your coaching business to potential customers. Taking these steps and sincerely caring for your clients is a sure path to build a successful career.

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