How to Cancel Cable and Start Saving Money in 2020

Cable TV is still one of the most convenient yet oldest methods of staying entertained without doing much. You can add on the cable TV services on top of your landline or internet services which will help you save some time and energy while paying one bill for multiple services at once. For people who watch TV from the comfort of their homes only, Cable TV is the most appropriate option than those who binge-watch their favorite shows while commuting and waiting so they don’t miss out anything. 

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Even with the latest trend shifting towards live streaming services, cable TV is still the first preference for many as it provides entertainment for the entire household and not just a single person with advanced features like DVR, on-demand and selected titles, along with huge libraries – cable TV still holds the charm. It also encourages families to spend some time chit-chatting and bonding while watching TV. If you think your cable TV services are expensive or you are considering to switch to Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. – try dialing spectrum customer service phone number to learn more about what additional features you can enjoy while cutting the monthly bill. 

In this article, we are going to walk through the procedure on how to cancel the monthly subscription to start saving money. So, let’s get started: 

Fortunately and specifically, when we talk about the US, most of the TV shows are available without satellite or cable TV subscription. You can get them through on-demand, live or one-time purchase options as well. 

STEP 1: Enlist what you and your household wants

The first step to figuring out, if you really need to cut the cords with cable TV or not, you should jot down the names of all the favorite TV shows of your family – this should also count network TV shows such as The Good Place, news, live sports, and upcoming events that include Academy Awards. 

By doing this activity, you will be able to find out the most suitable and cost-effective option for free-of-cost Over-the-Air TV, premium video live streaming channels, and some more streaming sources without paying anything that sure will meet your family’s entertainment demands. You can consider a few options mentioned below considering what suits you and your family the most, of course: 

  • Paid Live TV Streaming Services
  • Free Over-the-Air Antenna TV
  • Free & Alternative TV Content Sources

STEP 2: Get the hardware sorted

You don’t have to purchase a new Smart TV to cut the cords with cable TV, however, whenever you cancel the cable TV services you would be required to switch the outdated cable box. The second step also involves making up your mind on how to meet the streaming needs within the budget and cutting the cords with the TV on a friendly note by utilizing the equipment you already have. You can check and find the best suitable option for you after comparing all: 

  • Streaming Set-Top-Boxes and Sticks.
  • Smart TVs
  • DVRs for Cord Cutters

STEP 3: Check and assure the Wi-Fi network. 

Make sure you have a good stable residential Wi-Fi network and availability of high-speed internet before canceling cable TV subscriptions as most of the alternate options require the internet to function. Switching from cable TV to constant buffering, slow internet or bad quality content instead of high-quality content is not what anybody would want to happen to them.  

STEP 4: Save money!

If opting out of cable TV results in an increased bill, you sure have done something wrong somewhere – at least the calculation was not very wise. The ultimate goal is to cut the monthly bill. Even if the monthly live streaming prices hike and the constant increase in premium TV streaming services are still there; free trials, the web content, and the OTA TV can greatly reduce the expense you pay for staying entertained only. 

No agreements also mean that you can also shift between multiple premium streaming services like sports, shows, and live events you may want to watch not too frequently. 

Final Thoughts: 

People who switch with smart calculations actually get more interesting entertainment deals and save a lot of money annually after canceling the cable TV services. 

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