Your Top Questions About Cable Assemblies Answered

When you want to order custom cables for your business or project, you need to know what you are getting. You can ask your cable engineer all the questions below, and you should learn what the process behind our cables is. You can use custom cables to create new technology projects, or you can add cables that could be used in your facility. Each question reveals what can be done to make your company an efficient and simple place to look.


How Are The Cables Wired?

Customization in cable assemblies makes it easy for you to choose the wires that you want inside the cable structure. You can request a powerful power line, and you can request a combination of data capability and power capacity. You can get ask for a special cable that comes with data and voice capabilities.

How Are The Cables Protected?

The cables that you order should be protected by a strong sleeve. You can request a cable bundle, and you need to know how strong the protection is. You can get nice cables that have a powerful sleeve that will protect the cables when they are underwater. You can get a cable that will stand up to high heat. You can get cables that will stand up to extremely cold temperatures.

You can ask for cables that have a very thick sleeve that cannot be cut. You need a thicker sleeve when you cannot monitor the cable, or you might need a thinner protective sleeve because you are trying to squeeze the cables into a small space.

How Long Are The Cables?

You need to ask the cable engineer how long the cables can be. You could request hundreds of miles of cable that will run from one facility to another. You should look for cables that will fit into each project you are working on, and you should ask the engineer to make extra cables that will help you continue your work. It is very difficult for you to complete a project if your cables are not long enough. Additionally, you should look for cable companies that have a long track record of producing mass quantities for their customers.

Can The Cables Take On A Specific Shape?

When you order new cables, you should ask if the cables can be coiled or bent in a certain shape. Coiled cables can be retracted because the coil is so tight. You can use coiled cables when you want to fit your cables into a small space, or you could use coiled cables because you need to stretch or engage with the cables every day.

Also, you could ask the installer if the cables can be bent inside a bundle. You might need a special protective sleeve that you can bend. Some of these cables are far too heavy to bend, but others can be bent while they are made.

Can You Get A Cable Test?

You need to see a live test of the cables that you have ordered. You need to know if they are working as they should. Plus, you can ask for changes if you do not like the results of the test.


You must ask for cables from an expert who can build anything you want. However, you need to know what you are asking for. You need long cables that will be easy to deploy. You need cables that can be shaped for the job, and you need to see a cable test. You could request cables that fit in as many wires as you need, and you can save money when working with the right engineer.

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