Why Phone Data Backup is Crucial for a Social Media Influencer

Being a social media influencer means you run most of your business from your phone. You need to be on trend 24×7. You need to keep posting throughout the day. Most influencers prepare batch content to put up on their social media handles. Most of the influencers use iPhones because of the camera quality they get. One problem that they have to deal with is losing data.

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There are a number of reasons for you to lose data like you accidentally deleting messages which are called the wrong operation, your iPhone getting crashed or water damaged, iOS upgrade, or even having to restore the factory settings on your iPhone.

Data is becoming one of the most important commodities in the 21st century. But if you don’t have it backed up, turns out sometimes even credible companies like Apple cannot save you from a hard time once the fragile hard disk in your phone decides to die on you. Or maybe you shot yourself in the foot by deleting some important information yourself, maybe you didn’t backup important information before resetting your phone which started lagging lately.

If you have had the pleasure of using an iPhone, then you might be aware of the n number of issues it comes with. The charger dies faster than Usain Bolt runs, the audio jack appears disappears, the amount of subordinate stuff you need to buy is insane. That being said, we love them.

The built-in apps on your iPhone and iPad are quite powerful. They are designed for your daily use. You send emails, messages, browse the internet, read maps, make notes, etc. You rely on the device a lot, which means it has a significant amount of data on it, which if lost might topple the smooth running of your days.

Deleting something very important can be disastrous. What if you accidentally delete crucial information? Business contacts, family pictures, important notes, business transaction detail notes, etc. Most importantly losing all the content created can have a serious effect on your business.

Let’s see what the stats look like for the top causes of data loss-

  • 35% by accident deletion
  • 20% by iPhone being water damaged or broken
  • 15% by iPhone being lost or stolen
  • 15% by failed iOS Upgrade or jailbreak
  • 10% by iPhone being restored to factory settings without backup
  • 5% by virus attack

Which is why it is important to always back up all your data so that even if you lose something, it won’t be significant enough to affect your business for a long time.

  • Back data up daily
  • Keep multiple copies of your important documents
  • Keep your system up to date
  • Back up your contact list
  • Do not save passwords on your phone as texts or notes
  • Avoid using public wifis

These things do not ensure you not losing any data at all, but they ensure to minimize the damage as much as you can. When your business is run on your phone, you have to take every precaution to ensure the smooth running of your business no matter what.

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