Can Someone See How Many Times You Have Viewed Their Instagram Profile?

In social media, curiosity often makes us wonder who’s been checking out our profiles. Instagram, one of the most popular platforms, sparks this curiosity as users wonder if others can see how many times they’ve visited someone’s profile

While Instagram doesn’t currently offer this feature, the question remains a hot topic of debate among users. Let’s delve deeper into this intriguing social media etiquette and privacy aspect.

Can you see how often someone has seen your Instagram profile or story?

Quick Answer – No, Instagram does not allow users to see how many times someone has viewed their profile. Instagram only provides insights into profile visits for business accounts, and even then, it does not specify who viewed the profile or how many times a specific person viewed it.

Instagram engineers are cautious when adopting new features, and adding a distinct counter for each viewer of your Instagram stories appears not on their schedule. Even with the significantly larger toolset accessible to corporate account owners, this is not feasible. However, you can find a new world of activity around your or anybody else’s Instagram account by employing third-party Instagram observers created expressly for the issue.

Are There Any Third-Party Apps with an Instagram View Counter?

For some reason, not even the most potent tracker or spy program can answer the issue of how to see profile views on Instagram. Our best estimate is that such third-party applications and services are more viewer-oriented, with the goal of hiding their users’ traces. 

Apps like FollowMeter are used to advertise that purchasing a premium account lets you see how many times someone has read your story. Still, to the best of our knowledge, the functionality never functioned. FollowMeter, on the other hand, is not totally worthless; it can still show you new unfollowers or those who have never followed back without going through everyone’s profiles.

Does Instagram notify the profile owner when you replay their story?

When you read an Instagram post or story for the second or hundredth time, nothing clicks in Instagram’s algorithms. Again, even if it’s an Instagram business account, they’ll see that you swiped to or clicked on the story in your top reel.

How Does Story Viewing Work for Notifications and Statistics?

Though you can have assumed that Instagram is utterly worthless for post-related statistics, Instagram business accounts can give a slew of information on stories, including total visits, reach, taps or swipes back and forth, shares, and completion rate. As you can see, the emphasis is obviously on crowd interactions rather than individual actions (with the exception of emoji and text replies), and the replay count appears nowhere on the list.

What Happens When You Re-Watch a Story?

Essentially, nothing, so feel free to view it for as long as it’s accessible. Speaking of which, if someone’s Instagram story holds sentimental or aesthetic significance for you and you can’t ask the poster for the source material, consider investing in a third-party software that will save it in its original quality. Glassagram, for example, can accomplish all of this, as well as anonymously watch stories.

Can someone tell if you’ve viewed their story more than once?

There’s a persistent belief that repeating articles can elevate your account to the top of the viewer list, informing the poster of the frequency of your interactions. Let us reassure you that this differs from how the views function. The initial contact is critical to the app, instantly alerting the poster. Let me repeat: all the algorithm wants is to register the first Instagram story view, after which it will happily return to its code lair, unconcerned with your further interactions. 

Ways to Replay a Story Without Letting Them Know

If you are not convinced by our straightforward remarks above, you can choose to shield yourself from curious glances into your Instagram profile and story-watching history – just in case the option is finally enabled. To do this, you can attempt to conceal your activity using one of the well-known strategies for fooling Instagram business accounts into believing that nothing happened. It is important to note that each technique has advantages and disadvantages, and none address how to see profile views on Instagram.

Aeroplane Mode

While the strategy is gradually becoming obsolete on other social media applications, such as Snapchat, due to bug updates, Instagram users can still employ the tried-and-true combination of airplane mode and cache cleaning. Our fast test revealed that this works four out of five times, so if you’re ready to take the chance, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Launch the Instagram app and let your feed load completely. You mustn’t click anything while it happens.
  • Step 2: Enable airplane mode on your phone.
  • Step 3: Swipe the story reel left until you find the individual whose post you want to watch.
  • Step 4: Once you’ve satisfied your curiosity, Clear Instagram’s cache from the phone’s settings. Because iPhones do not allow this, remove the app.
  • Step 5: Restart the device and wait a little before turning off airplane mode.

Half Swiping

The half-swipe is another tactic that has fallen out of favor on most other platforms due to increased flakiness. However, we are pleased to inform you that the strategy is partially effective on Instagram; that is, if you are prepared to surrender video stories in return for anonymity, they will only play once the carousel revolves entirely. Things aren’t much better with static photos, as you can only see approximately half of them without jeopardizing your privacy. Here’s how the technique works:

  • Step 1: Swipe through the tales while dragging your finger very carefully across the screen to avoid missing the one of interest;
  • Step 3: Return to the previous one and be ready to act after catching a peek at it.
  • Step 4: Slow down further and halt when around half of the tale has been disclosed. Don’t let your finger slide, or the transition can completely disappear.
  • Step 5: After watching, reverse your finger movement and softly restore the frame to the previous Instagram video.

Using Another Account

This one can be self-explanatory, but if this is your first time doing it, here are some pointers to aid you along the way:

  • If you want to use the account once, establish it with a throwaway email address or phone number. This will spare you the effort of removing your credentials from your current profile.
  • If the profile is intended for continuous viewing, ensure it contains at least some lifelike data. It will prevent algorithms and other people from identifying you as a bot.
  • If maintaining discretion is one of your aims, do not share any information about your personality. Remember that the poster will notice an unfamiliar user among the watchers. 

Don’t Leave Them Time to Notice

Finally, you can always use your scheduling abilities to get aboard the final car of the departing train by watching the tale just before it ends. Will Instagram notify the poster? However, this reduces the window of opportunity they have to examine the watchers. 

The one obvious flaw with this strategy is that determining the precise moment the news was posted can be easier than clicking it. We advocate doing so in the early morning hours when your target will likely be deep sleeping. Happy hunting!


Instagram’s privacy settings maintain the mystery surrounding profile views. Currently, users can’t see how many times someone has visited their profile, preserving anonymity and privacy. While some can find this lack of transparency frustrating, it also prevents potential stalking or unwanted scrutiny. Ultimately, it underscores the importance of respecting boundaries and privacy in the digital age, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable social media experience.