Boost Your Phone Battery Life with These Tips

Why is it that cell phone batteries always seem to die at the worst possible times? Not when you’re spending the day at home within an arm’s reach of your power cord, and not when you’re at work all day with a dozen different chargers at your disposal. Somehow, it’s always when you’re lost in an area without GPS signal, stuck in traffic trying to get to your best friend’s wedding, or trying to snap a photo of something you’re absolutely sure is Bigfoot.

It just goes to show that, for the many ways they simplify our lives, our smartphones can straight up frustrate us, too. Luckily, there are a variety of little-known tips and tricks for extending battery life that smartphone users have discovered in recent years, and once you put them into practice, you may never see your old friend, the low battery notification, ever again with this handy infographic by Mybullfrog. 

Dimming the Lights

Whenever you use your phone, whether for a three hour conference call or a quick check of the game score, your backlight turns on, illuminating the screen so that you can see. A very simple way to save battery life is to decrease backlight brightness, and most phone also have an option where you can set the backlight to adjust based on current lighting conditions. You can also improve your battery life by removing bright backgrounds and moving wallpapers that are more fashionable than functional, or setting your screen to display for only 15 seconds after you touch it, rather than 30 or more.

Stopping the Constant Search for a Signal

There are numerous ways that searching for signs drains your phone battery, and searching for WiFi is one such culprit. Constantly seeking a WiFi, Bluetooth, or cellular signal, particularly in poor service areas, is a great way to watch your battery drain away long before you find another service area.

Airplane mode is another great option that allows you to keep your phone on in poor service areas, without the impractical drainage that typically occurs. Not only will your battery stay powered up way longer, but you can still utilize many phone features while in airplane mode, like your camera or music.

Disabling and Deleting Unnecessary Apps

Before you accept that your phone will only be there for you part-time, try turning off Location Services on any apps that don’t truly need them. Apps can be fun and entertaining, but they eat up valuable battery life and memory space, so it’s a good idea to take a good look at your lineup and determine which ones you can live without. For those worth keeping, disable push notifications and always remember to turn apps off when you’re done.

Handy, Dandy Battery-Enhancing Solutions

While the aforementioned tips can prove tremendously helpful, there are a number of gadgets and gizmos that can extend your phone’s battery life even further. Portable power packs, protective battery cases, Bluetooth speakers, and extra slim batteries are just a sample of the products that give your battery a powerful punch.

The smartest smartphone users have learned how to squeeze life back into their batteries, and with these nifty devices, tips, and tricks of the trade, you can now do the same.

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