How to Set Your Browser for Privacy

Browser for Privacy

Privacy in the 21st century: why is it important and what does it have to do with DP Instagram TZ

We live in the age of the Internet. And this time, in addition to its advantages, in the form of the development of communication and the emergence of online stores, is also characterized by a lack of privacy. Websites and social networks constantly process and store information from your computer, your data, etc. At the same time, social networks and sites themselves often do not want to share their content with you. The most famous example is Instagram. You will not be able to download photos or videos from it. To do this, you will need a special service or application (like Toolzu). DP Instagram TZ can save not just a photo, but a whole user profile! Insta DP download HD quality will provide you with not only fast download but also good quality.

The other side of technological progress and the increasing computerization of society is an increased interest in the data about your requests and interests that are stored on the Web. And we are not talking about fraudulent hacker schemes: your every virtual step is tracked and recorded by large companies for marketing purposes and a detailed study of our consumer behavior. The Internet user leaves a virtual trace, according to which, without even looking at the passport, you can collect his portrait, find out all the preferences, addictions, even those that we ourselves sometimes do not know about. And, of course, use data for sales.


Information about users is collected by companies, banks, social networks and search engines. Big data costs tens and hundreds of millions of dollars to process, and somewhere in that big data is your own search queries and list of interests. Mobile phones are also watching you closely, recording your movements and showing you suspiciously accurate advertisements everywhere you go. Even if you delete all of your profiles, your valuable data for marketers will continue to be collected. How can we ensure privacy?


And now we will analyze the browsers “on the cogs” and tell you which ones you should definitely not use, and which ones are suitable for Internet surfing and keep all your secrets.

  • Complete anonymity on the Web, of course, is not yet achievable, but the measures below will be enough to protect your computer or phone from most common privacy threats. In addition, this setup will take you no more than half an hour.
  • Use private mode (incognito or invisible mode). In one form or another, it is in all modern browsers. When surfing the Internet in this mode, cookies and browser history are not saved. However, even in this mode, Google services collect “anonymous data”, according to which it is theoretically possible to establish that it was you. Also, private surfing is not completely anonymous: activity on sites is visible to the provider or local network administrator. However, in this mode, access to sites that require a username and password will be difficult.
  • Many browsers support a feature to block cookies: for example, Firefox has this feature in its Privacy and Security section. However, using this function may result in incorrect display of sites.
  • Third-party privacy surfing and ad blocking extensions should be used with caution as they often conflict with site content and may themselves contain malicious code or even more advanced data vacuums. Read the reviews and safety ratings of such an extension before downloading it.
  • Check the access levels of the applications that are installed on your smartphone and always be on the lookout for excessive data access they may require. If possible, turn off geolocation or set it to use only when using the app.
  • If you don’t want monopoly giant Google to log your browsing behavior, use alternative private search engines like DuckDuckGo or
  • Please note that large corporations may own several of the services you use (for example, WhatsApp and Instagram are owned by Facebook, and YouTube is owned by Google). These systems communicate with each other, and it makes sense to set privacy settings in all these services at the same time.
  • To ensure the privacy and security of your payment data when using public Wi-Fi, for example, in restaurants and hotels, transport, it is recommended to use the Internet through a VPN. In this case, it is best to use a trusted paid VPN service, as free options can be compromised by scammers and pose a threat to the security of your smartphone by themselves.

Expand your privacy – close your computer’s eyes and ears, and watch what your fingers type. Even if you have sealed the camera and microphone on the device, but continue to ignore the basic recommendations for safe Internet surfing, you and your data are open to corporations, and they have their own plans for you and your wallet.


Privacy plays a very important role in our life. You should always take care of the safety of your personal data. Good luck and do not set the same passwords!

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