How Do I Find the Model of My Watch?

The brand watch is a symbol of elegance that attracts many manufacturers of fakes. Distinguishing a real brand watch is not so easy, but there are some signs that you should pay attention to understand what is in front of you: a genuine luxury product or cheap imitation. However, if you come across a high-quality fake, you may need professional advice. Today, we will tell you how to find the model of the watch, so you know for sure if it is fake. If you are not interested in a brand watch and simply look for the best watches under 200 – you should be also aware of how to distinguish fakes.

The Main Signs of a Fake

1)  Listen to the tick. The second hands of a regular watch move with a quiet ticking. However, many expensive watch brands move very smoothly and you don’t hear the second hand ticking. If you hear a tick on a brand watch, it’s a fake.

2)  Non-metallic parts. Take a watch in your hands and examine it. Look at the back panel, it should be made of smooth high-quality metal. The strap is made of leather or also of high-quality metal. If any part of the watch is made of plastic or thin cheap metal such as aluminum, then you are faced with a fake.

3)  Check the availability of a model. To do this, go to the official website, which has a catalog of all models with photos, or visit Find a photo of your watch model and compare it with the one in your hands. Pay special attention to the dial – is everything in its place? Are the inscriptions identical?

  • Secondary Signs

Some fakes are of very high quality and difficult to distinguish from real ones. To determine the authenticity of a watch, you will have to study the smallest details, which is a very difficult job.

  • Serial number

To find the serial number of the watch, you will need to remove the strap. The serial number may be located between the “hands” under the number 6 or any other place on the dial. It must be written clearly, without any bumps. Some manufacturers of fakes use acid, so if you look at the fake number under the magnifying glass, the serial number will be unclear. Using the serial number, you can find out the date of manufacture of your watch on the official website.

  • Logo

Pay attention to the quality of the logo on the dial. Almost all watches have a company logo on the dial. Having examined it under a magnifying glass, you can also distinguish a fake from the original.

  • Common Tips

Everything connected with brand quality should be flawless and elegant. This also applies to the package. Brand watches are packaged in high-quality boxes. Each packaging element must bear the logo and name. The watch is accompanied by a warranty card and instructions. If your watch does not have any of the above, it is fake.

When buying a brand watch, think wisely. A real watch is most likely to be sold by a reputable jeweler or official seller of watches. Brand watches cost thousands of dollars, so the seller must have a legal business. If you are in doubt about the seller’s reputation, check out the list of certified sellers. Good luck!

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