How Does Amazon Seller Feedback Work?

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There are lots of metrics that Amazon sellers must pay close attention to. But there is one that often gets confused – and misunderstood – and it is known under the name of Amazon Seller Feedback.

In a nutshell, this feature allows buyers to give feedback to sellers, ONLY if they’ve bought from them in the past. This gives the buyer more information to help them with all the choices associated with a purchase.

In this article, we’ll show you how seller feedback works on Amazon so you can take all necessary precautions and use this metric to your advantage!

Amazon Seller Feedback vs. Product Reviews

Amazon Seller Feedback often gets confused with product reviews, but there are big and important differences between the two and they all add value to your business as an online seller. 

Product reviews are the typical review you can easily find if you scroll down under most product descriptions and its directly related to the product itself regardless of who is selling it. 

Let’s say you have a specific hair dryer for sale, another seller could have the exact same brand and model on their inventory; therefore, the product reviews will be the same since this specific field is a reference to the performance of the product itself. 

Amazon Seller Feedback, however, is a little bit harder to find since you’ll need to select the seller’s name (or store name) and go to their page where you’ll find feedback from past shoppers. It is important to point out that this feedback not necessarily needs to be related to the product but the sellers themselves. 

Here, clients will talk about delivery, experience, customer support and other aspects of the purchase that fall directly onto the seller.

Source: Seller Nexus 

Why Is Amazon Seller Feedback Important?

It’s no secret that feedback can be a double-edged sword and, if left unattended, it can hurt your business. Place yourself in the shopper’s shoes, because in many other circumstances, you are the shopper! 

When you’re searching for a product, one of the first things you’ll look at are ratings and feedbacks. If the product can be purchased from various sellers, odds are you’ll want to buy from the best.

The only way to know who is the best is to check the feedback other clients have left for them. More than 300,000 merchants begin selling on Amazon each year, so competition is an important aspect to consider and you’ll want to have every advantage possible.

Hands down, Amazon is the go-to platform for sellers and shoppers alike, but the relationship it sustains with its sellers is more of a partnership in nature.

Just like any partnership, it gets reviewed constantly to make sure the results are working for both parties. If your performance slips below a certain target, you run the risk of having your account suspended or even banned. This relates directly with various metrics Amazon checks and your Seller Feedback plays an important role.

How to Win the ‘Buy Box’

Bare in mind that your Amazon Seller Feedback plays a fundamental role in winning the Buy Box. If you’re not familiar with the Buy Box, it’s basically the area where a buyer can click on Add to Cart or Buy Now. 

From a sellers’ perspective, this box operates in a rotational manner, which means that, if there’s an item that is sold by various sellers, Amazon will take turns directing the sale between various of these sellers. But to be chosen or given priority, you will have to meet a series of rigorous metrics.

This allows Amazon to make sure it’s choosing a seller that will create a successful purchase through the right and timely fulfillment of the order. It’s important to know that some buyers will go a step further and bypass the Buy Box. 

Instead of just blindly buying, they’ll put in the time and research to see which seller is best for them. 

What this means for you is that even if you haven’t won the Buy Box, having good Amazon Seller Feedback can help you win the sale!

How to get good feedback and use this feature to your advantage?

This is something that you will have to build over time but don’t get discouraged, with a good strategy you can master the process faster than you think.

Be very punctual with shipping

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for a package, especially if it’s late. In this process, you have to always think about the customer experience in every stage of the purchase.

Anything that can cause a bad experience has a big potential to ruin the feedback the client might leave; and let’s be honest, there is no worst experience than having a late delivery. 

If at all possible, try and keep early deliveries. This will leave shoppers with a smile on your face and your feedback booming with positive comments.

Find out if you’re eligible for Amazon One-Day Delivery and other Premium Shipping Options here.

Automate you refunds and your returns

Returning an item can be stressful and for shoppers even more. The more you streamline this process the higher the chance of you getting positive feedback; so, make sure to follow Amazon’s guidelines for hassle-free returns.

Keep your listings up to date

If the digital world has taught us anything it’s that communication is key. And while listings are not directly related to your Seller Feedback, it’s important. They are crystal-clear on everything from specifications to sizes, colors, etc.

If a listing fails to convey all the necessary information in the most accurate manner possible it can create confusion and wrong expectations, which will eventually lead to the customer being dissatisfied with the purchase.

You can ask for feedback

After the purchase is complete and the shopper has the item, you’ll see a Request-a-Review button on the buyer-seller messaging screen. This can be helpful for building up good feedback, especially if you know the client was happy with the purchase process. 

Be ready to problem solve

A good purchase experience can come out of a bad situation. If your client has a problem with their item or the delivery—be ready. 

Review the feedback and propose a solution that works for both of you. You can even plan this strategy in advance so you always know the course of action you’re going to take in any circumstance. Remember to always, above all, be polite. 

After delivery, shoppers have 90 days to post their feedback. If you deem the feedback not valid or inappropriate, you can submit it for Amazon to review and take down. 

It can be removed within 60 days. Keep in mind that not all negative feedback can be removed. Amazon has strict guidelines when it comes to giving feedback about a seller. 

Closing Thoughts

Overall, maintaining a good reputation is important to keep your online business going and Amazon Seller Feedback is a very manageable asset.

if you think about it, it doesn’t really involve that much more work since the feedback depends only on things that should already be taken care of, especially if you’re aiming to grow your business and join some of the amazing programs Amazon offers their sellers, or if you’re looking to keep your metrics top-notch in order to work with the algorithms. 

So, as long as you’re doing things right, you should have nothing to worry about.

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