Hey, Casino Fan: Here are the Best Online Blackjack Variants

There is no denying that blackjack is one of the most exciting casino games to play. It was a favorite of James Bond, so you know it is destined to be played by those who are determined to find a game that has equal parts sophistication and tension. While the casino variant may be exciting, its online equivalent offers a wider range of ways to play the game and versions of gameplay to suit all tastes and levels of expertise.  


Traditional Blackjack

The most common blackjack game for big spenders is standard traditional blackjack. There are many sites online that offer traditional blackjack games. The online game follows the rules of the physical one – players need to achieve a total score of 21 or blackjack through as few cards as possible. Players wager before play begins, then two cards are dealt. The player needs to achieve blackjack and beat the dealer, whose second card remains hidden. Gameplay online is swift and effective and is perfect for big spenders who want to experience fast gameplay that allows them to maximize the number of games they can play.   

Live Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack is the latest trend in online casino as a dealer and their movements on the blackjack table are live streamed to the player. This helps ramp up the tension and brings in some psychological and social elements of playing blackjack in land-based establishments. Big spenders may be more likely to splash out if they feel someone is watching their moves, while players may feel the pressure of their movements being actively judged in terms of what strategic decisions they take throughout the game. Adding onto this technology is the ability to play blackjack on the go through mobile devices, which is a growing field. There are many sites that offer apps to engage with the game that might fit into people’s busy lifestyles better.  


Different Variants of Blackjack

For those wanting something different online, there are a wide range of variants of the traditional game. These may make increase the difficulty level for players or may encourage big spenders to wager more often as per the rules. European blackjack, is played with two decks, which makes the game more difficult in terms of possible cards the dealer could have face down, especially when your claim to blackjack is weaker than a natural (a picture card and an ace). Spanish 21 blackjack increases the house edge by removing all the picture cards – making naturals harder to achieve – and playing with six to eight decks.  

Different Payout Structures

Progressive blackjack is perhaps a game best played by big spenders due to the changes to the way the jackpot works. The jackpot increases each round as with any progressive game, meaning that the player stands to win more if they reach the end jackpot than if it had not been a progressive jackpot. This will require an additional wager towards the beginning, but it is merely an investment. Super Fun 21 blackjack also changes the payout as the player’s natural blackjack will always beat the dealer’s natural blackjack, whereas in some variants the bet is pushed and the tie results in no money lost or paid. This brings the advantage back to the player.

Blackjack hasn’t survived so long in casinos by accident – it offers a huge amount of excitement while also requiring some strategic decisionmaking from the player. The range of options to play blackjack online means that those who want to flash the cash are able to do so in a variety of different ways.

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