Does Your Business Have a Mobile Strategy?

Many of your businesses are based in a brick and mortar location, many others are based on the web. Either way, many business owners stop there when building an online presence. With the emergence of smart phones and mobile commerce, it is important that your business takes steps to have a mobile friendly website.


Step One – Build a Mobile Friendly Website

If your website is not optimized for mobile browsers, you should start by building a mobile friendly option right away.

Building a mobile friendly site does not have to be difficult or cost prohibitive. You can build a great site using WordPress (WordPress powers this site) at a very low cost, or you can hire a designer to build one for you.

I wouldn’t be a good entrepreneur if I didn’t mention that I build websites for small businesses, including mobile friendly ones.


Step Two – Build a Mobile Friendly Campaign

Just having a mobile website does not instantly mean that mobile visitors will use your site the way you want. It is important to build content around a specific strategy designed to build engagement and sales.

Funnel your online visitors toward a specific goal. Whether you are trying to build email subscribers, generate sales, or build brand awareness, tailor your site content and layout to push your readers toward your goals.


Step Three – Build Customer Engagement

At the end of the day, loyal and engaged customers are the most valuable. Engaged customers are repeat customers. Engaged customers are the most likely to refer their friends and family. Engaged customers are most likely to give you the most valuable feedback to improve your business.

To engage your customers, build up a strong content base that will educate and entertain your site visitors. Free, valuable information is the most likely to spread and keep people’s attention.


Step Four – Don’t Forget Social Media

Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other site. There is a huge value to using social media to drive visitors to your product. Here are the best ways to use social media to engage mobile users with your brand:

Facebook – Create a new page for your company on Facebook. A page is not a profile, it is a unique page on the site that allows users to “like” the brand, not be friends with you. From that page, curate interesting and valuable content. A mix of content from your site and others will build the best trust and value for your brand.

Twitter – ­Twitter gives active users a feed of information and links. Create a Twitter profile to curate similar content to your Facebook page. To reach the most users, use tools like Buffer and TweetDeck to schedule your Tweets for top hours.

Pinterest – The new up and comer in social media, Pinterest is most popular with women but has a growing number of men on the site. Pinterest allows you to “pin” and “repin” content onto boards that are followed by other users. Like with Facebook, a mix of your own content with useful, relevant content from other sites resonates best with users.


What is Your Strategy?

What is your mobile strategy? Do you have any questions? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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