6 Essential Growth Tools to Try in 2020

One sure way to measure the level of success of your company over the years is to take a look at its growth rate. From its inception to its current position, the company has been growing. It is, however, important to note, that there are different levels of growth as well as different paces for growing.

Some companies grow at a snail’s pace, some are stagnant, some grow at a normal rate, but only a few grow at a significantly faster rate than others. For these companies, there are intentional steps that they have taken or put in place to fast-track their growth. One major way to ensure company growth is to be intentional about your business.

How can you achieve accelerated growth in business? This can be done through Growth Hacking. Growth Hacking simply means taking advantage of the industry through marketing tactics to produce maximum results on the smallest budget possible. Content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and email marketing are the areas that are usually honed in on.

To this effect, numerous growth hacking tools abound which can be used for this purpose. Here are 6 essential growth tools to use to accelerate your business in 2020.

1. Hotjar

seo insight

Get ahead of your competition with powerful insights

To market and grow your business, you have to understand how the mind of your customers and consumers work and the way they engage with your products or services. This enables you to know which products and services they love or barely glance at. If you have a website and you relate with your customers via email marketing campaigns, website insights are a perfect means of getting this important information.

For more effective analysis of these insights, what you need is an efficient heat-mapping tool. It would give you thorough insight about users’ data and this is what Hotjar offers you. It is a heat-mapping tool that shows you the behaviour of your website users on the site and records every action taken on the site. It is this information that will be used to enhance the growth of the company. Proper analysis of this information will come in handy when suggesting products and services to users during email campaigns. Hotjar is a free tool that can be integrated with many other growth hacking tools to bring the most results.

It is important, however, that your company effectively understands CCPA compliance when collecting user information. This is so that you can manage users’ personal information while remaining in line with government policies and legalities.

2. Maze


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An important marketing aspect that brings about company growth is branding. What does your brand say to your customers? This is not only through your company goals and values but also with your brand design and layout. Different types of brand design call out to different categories of customers. With Maze, you can build your brand a ‘design that works’.

Maze is a user-testing platform that turns your prototype into actionable insights from real users so that you can make your designs confidently. It is a great tool for everyone in the product team especially if designers and product managers. For start-up companies who may not even know the difference between UI and UX, this tool will help you set up from scratch.

With Maze, you can save a lot of time and resources by trying out your product design before finally developing it. Maze helps you get ahead of the crowd. It aligns teams and departments on the perfect design to go for with all the insights it brings to the table. You can hire a panel of testers for as low as $2.4/session, or have your own testers do it for free! With Maze, building new products, features, designs and prototype testing just got super easier.

3. Slite

A much easier way to keep the details

The importance of regular meetings for business growth cannot be overemphasized. It is necessary for companies to schedule regular meetings to keep different teams and departments abreast on the progress of the company. It is also great for brainstorming and allowing members of teams to share their thoughts and ideas that will move the company forward. But no matter how regular meetings are, it fails to achieve any purpose if there are no records of the discussions for detailed reference. Many times, meetings also tend to stray from the main purpose of gathering and precious time would be lost with so little gained.

For times like this, it is necessary for there to be a template to guide the meeting minutes and to put down important details of the discussion. Slite is a free customisable template for taking meeting minutes. You can use it to take down the minutes in real-time so that you and your team never miss any key details again.

It also allows for easier collaboration on the meeting minutes by allowing general comments and ideas on the platforms as the meeting is going on. On Slite, there are various templates available to cater for different types of meeting needs. You can make the most out of your meetings using these easily customisable templates. It will aid faster company growth when teams can collaborate and share ideas seamlessly.

4. Whisbi


With Whisbi the communication never stops

For accelerated growth to occur in any business, there has to be a fortified backing of aggressive marketing. To achieve this, the right marketing tools will take you a long way. Conversational sales and marketing have come to stay in the business world and therefore it is important for a business that is interested in growth, to make the most of it. This process is made easier with Whisbi.

Whisbi is a platform for B2C businesses that creates an opportunity that enables them to increase sales conversion, improve live engagement and provide a unique online customer experience. This tool makes conversational marketing an easy process for your business. On Whisbi you find a combination of major contact channels such as video-call, chatbot, click-to-call and traditional calls all in one platform to aid human interaction between the business and the customers. With these in place, your business can focus on extracting the most information from your website traffic.

This helps to increase conversation rates significantly because the sales and marketing team can share and access specific customer insights. You can integrate marketing tools including Google Adwords, Google Analytics among others with the app for a full experience.

5. GrowthBar


GrowthBar makes SEO as easy as pie

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, is another major area that a business needs to fully grasp before significant growth can occur. This is because SEO, when employed properly can cause massive changes to the conversion rates, traffic generation and overall marketing arm of the company. With SEO you can find that you have double sales in significantly less time.

GrowthBar is a tool that can make SEO a whole lot easier for you. If you’re looking for difficult keywords, similar keywords, traffic about your page, backlinks, Ads, e.t.c., then this tool is important for you. You have everything you need at your fingertips with this growth tool. This tool is available as a freely downloadable plugin which means it doesn’t take up too much space.

With this tool, every search you make brings you closer to your customers. It offers millions of keyword suggestions, number of necessary wordcounts, insight about the data gathered, competitor ads and lots more. GrowthBar remains the number one rated Google Chrome Plugin for SEO.

6. MailJet


MailJet guarantees your email campaigns higher results

Email marketers would love this! Email marketing is a major and integral part of modern-day businesses. With the phase of physical newsletters fast coming to an end, emails are the modern ways of subscribing to content from particular brands and businesses. This is why email marketers need to expertly utilize email campaigns to boost company growth.

Through MailJet you get simpler looking and well-designed e-newsletters that cater to the needs of your subscribers at the receiving end. You can send numerous emails and run email campaigns smoothly using this tool. It also helps you to easily manage your subscriber lists and all other contacts for your business. This helps you to save precious time significantly.

Furthermore, the email marketing tool gives you a detailed insight into the results of your email campaign and also optimises your performance using its actionable analytics. Developers are also not left out as it offers features necessary for providing a thoroughly done job. They include Email API & SMRT Relay. Email marketers and developers on your team can work together in real-time and give feedback even within the email templates provided.

This tool helps to not only save time and cost but also gives you a seamless and firm grip on email marketing, boosting sales like never before.  


Growth is a continuous process that every business must undergo, and through that growing process, results must shine through. Almost every industry is overburdened with businesses and so every effort must be made for yours to stand out. With all the growth tools discussed above, you can now intentionally speed up your company’s growth process. It doesn’t matter the area of marketing you’re looking to boost, there’s a tool available for you! The faster your business grows, the faster the spotlight shines on it and makes it stand out gracefully among the crowd.

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