A Guide to Handling Workplace Injury

A man who slipped on a wet floor beside a bright yellow caution sign holds his back in pain

Many people who suffer injuries on the job choose not to report it because they fear they may lose their job or receive other repercussions as a result. Fear should never deter you from filing a report at work for serious injuries sustained. But, rather you should treat it the same as if you had a slip and fall in a store or on a street sidewalk. If, as a direct result of your injuries, you need rehabilitation, lose wages and sustain a reduced quality of life, you should seek the help of a professional law office like Siegfried & Jensen. They have years of experience with personal injury cases.

The first thing you need to do is to file a report with the company. Make sure it includes details about where the accident occurred and what you were doing. Also, take pictures if possible and get a statement in writing from anyone who may have seen the accident. Next, you need to see a doctor and explain the accident and get a full examination. This is important because many injuries don’t surface immediately afterwards. Only through x-rays and other tests can a doctor give you a true prognosis.

An injury sustained at work falls under workers compensation. In addition to seeing your own doctor, you’ll likely also need to see a doctor assigned by Worker’s Compensation insurance. This will not cost you any extra expenses. It’s done to verify your doctor’s findings. If you have already selected an attorney to represent you they will receive a copy of the examination usually within 30 days. Sometimes the second doctor chosen by the company agrees with the first doctor right away and your claim goes through without delay. This initiates benefits including doctor’s bills, follow up treatments, prescriptions and lost wages. If, however, the doctor disagrees with the first results, then the case may end up denied. In this instance, you can appeal. If that fails, seeking representation may be the only way to recoup your losses and receive a settlement for your pain and suffering.

Many of the accidents on the job are due to a lack of training on equipment, long hours and deadlines. This is when carelessness may take over. Any business can improve the safety of their facility by implementing a set of rules for everyone. If the business uses heavy machinery safety classes for all employees will help everyone to get a better understanding of the dangers involved when they are not used properly. Also, implementing several 10-15 minute breaks especially for people who work on their feet and are in constant motion will help to keep a crew fresh. Frequent inspections of the machinery also helps by give the employer assurance that the business is operating properly.

Injuries in the workplace can happen. It’s up to the employer to do everything possible to create a safe environment for his employees. If you suffer injuries on the job you need to submit the paperwork, seek medical attention and then consult a reputable law firm to help you get the results you deserve.

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