Gmelius: A Must-Have Extension for the World’s Most Popular Webmail Client


Gmail is the greatest emailing service currently available on earth. However, even the greatest can be improved. Who hasn’t wished that Gmail was a bit more convenient to use? Gmelius is a web extension that lets a user truly take control of his or her inbox.

Improve Gmail Productivity

At work, I’m constantly using Gmail to chat, schedule, keep track of tasks, and of course, send dozens of emails a day. When I’m juggling multiple tasks in this manner, some default features of the Gmail interface can be infuriating. For frustrated Gmail users like me, Gmelius promises to improve Gmail productivity and make the inbox easy to use.


Gmelius (pronounced “Gmail-ius”) is a free web extension for Chrome, Safari 9+ and Opera. There are paid premier and business versions as well. This is the review of the Gmelius Premier version.

After testing Gmelius Premier for a month, I have to say I’m impressed by all the wonderful perks the service offers. Here is what I found most useful and awesome about Gmelius Premier:

Schedule Emails to be Sent at a Later Time

I’ve always wanted this feature and didn’t know where to get it until I started using Gmelius Premier. With Gmelius Premier, I could automatically schedule emails to be sent on a certain date and during a certain time in the future. I sometimes work late on weekdays, and I have emails to be sent early the following morning. I’m never up early after a late night at work, so I sometimes had to disrupt sleep to send emails. But with Gmelius Premier I could just schedule an email to be sent early the following day. If you want to send an email during a later time when you would be busy, or want to send it on a later day without forgetting about it, Gmelius Premier’s Send Later feature will be highly useful to you.

“Snooze” Emails

Avid Gmail users will know the impossibility of keeping track of emails to respond to later. I used the star feature to mark emails that I can’t respond to right away, but need to later. I would then sort the whole inbox for the yellow or green stars, which, needless to say, is an incredible hassle. Not to mention the times I have forgotten to do so. Gmelius Premier lets users “snooze” emails. Basically, a “snooze” button appears on top of the inbox so I could reserve emails to be read later. Also, I could turn on email reminders so that I don’t forget to respond to snoozed emails. This feature is a lifesaver for me.


Hashtag Templates

Gmelius Premier has this amazing feature where I can create an email template and a hashtag for it. So, if I need to send a hundred similar emails at the same time, I could just type in the hashtag to the subject line and simply send. When creating the template, I can adjust settings to choose the Gmail address I wanted to send from, choose CC and BCC recipients, and add labels and subject lines. Markdown syntax is supported for smart tagging. This is the feature about Gmelius Premier that I liked the most.


In addition, I could personalize the Gmail inbox and customize the to-do lists and task manager. The only con that I found is that it’s difficult to format the toolbar in Gmail after installing the extension. But the developer has said that this problem will be fixed soon. I highly recommend Gmelius Premier to anyone who wants to improve their current Gmail experience.

You can download Gmelius here.

Also, do check out Right Inbox, which is a very competent tool by Sujan Patel and competes with Gmelius.

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