17 Best Chrome Extensions for Quick Search on The Internet

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Have you ever wished you could change your web browser? Maybe you want to get rid of the ads, find up-to-date contacts and emails of people, or browse across different search engines at once. Google Chrome Web Browser is one of the most used worldwide, and you can change most of its features and functions with Chrome extensions.

We will discuss everything you need to know about Chrome extensions and why you should use one.

What Are Chrome Extensions?

A browser extension is a small software module for customizing a web browser. And you can probably agree that searching for information on the internet is becoming a piece of work every day. Chrome extensions allow you to alter a web browser by adding a feature or a function according to your personal preferences or specifications.

Why Should You Use Chrome Extensions?

As an entrepreneur/marketer, one of your primary goals is to grow and expand your business. Using Chrome extensions while searching the web would give you a great experience.

SignalHire is one of those extensions. You can search for real emails and contact numbers across the web. It also works on some social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Other function Description: Check out the best Chrome extensions to make your web search on the internet quicker and better. We’ve put together everything you need to know about surfing the web like a professional!

Have you ever wished you could change your web browser? Maybe you want to get rid of the ads, find up-to-date contacts and emails of people, or browse across different search engines at once. Google Chrome Web Browser is one of the most used worldwide, and you can change most of its features and functions with Chrome extensions.

Markup Hero revolutionizes quick search by offering a chrome extension that captures, annotates, and shares screenshots and PDFs. With its user-friendly interface and powerful integrations, Markup Hero simplifies image search and allows users to effortlessly organize and search screen-grab records. Boost productivity and streamline workflows with Markup Hero, the go-to tool for quick and efficient searches.

Other functionalities Chrome extensions offer are:

            Blocking of ads

            Safe and private browsing

            Organizing and saving notes

            Changing website interface

            Browsing across several search engines and lots more

Chrome extensions can help you improve your productivity by providing tools that permit you to perform multiple tasks. Without these extensions, you would have to do these tasks manually and waste time.

Better still, these extensions are easy to use and implement. Most Chrome extensions are free to use, whereas others require payment.

17 Best Chrome Extensions

There are many Chrome extensions out there. So many that you may get lost looking for one that fits your needs. Here are 17 extensions that can make your internet search quick and easy.

1. SignalHire

With just a few clicks, you can find contact information via SignalHire. It makes it simple for you (or your sales team) to see everything in one place. This enables you to uncover the most recent business contact details and establish searchable contact profiles.

If you are a recruiter or marketer, check out this tool. Using this SignalHire extension, you can find verified and up-to-date emails and phone numbers in bulk. The technology offers valid personal and professional emails and phone numbers.

2. Amazing Hiring

The AmazingHiring Chrome extension allows you to view the social footprints of candidates as well as their professional backgrounds. It is your go-to free sourcing partner, enabling you to locate anyone's profile across multiple resources.

3. Hello Talent

This is another great tool for recruiters. With the Hello Talent Google Chrome extension, you can source candidates from anywhere on the web and add them to collaborative talent pools.

4. Calendly

Calendly is a tool to stay productive and on schedule. Calendly integrates with your personal and corporate calendars to save time and ease the tasks associated with meeting people outside your organization. Without the back-and-forth emails, you can now communicate with your invitees and agree on the ideal time to meet and arrange your meetings.

5. Just Read

Just Read is a tool for reading web content. You can block ads and popups. You can also remove comments and modify a webpage’s styling. Just Read provides options to use dark or white themes. Users can even print out the article in a customized style.

By default, Just Read does not gather any user data. Only your email address is saved when you create an account with Just Read, making it safe and secure to use.

6. The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender is a Chrome extension for staying organized while searching the internet. It optimizes memory by suspending tabs you no longer view, which helps you remain productive and organized while working.

7. Grammarly

If you want to minimize spelling and grammar errors in your writing, then Grammarly for Chrome is the best Chrome extension for you. Grammarly highlights spelling and grammar errors and provides suggestions to fix those errors.

8. Wikiwand

Wikipedia is a website for getting great information. But getting this information is difficult because of its interface. Wikiwand is a Chrome extension that transforms this interface to better your reading experience on the site by providing great modern typography, a fresh style for easy reading, and a practical table of contents.

9. Headline Studio

Good headlines are essential to capture attention. You should use this Chrome extension if you want to generate more traffic or generally draw people in to check out your content, and it analyzes and improves your headlines.

10. TinEye Reverse Image

Discover the source of a photograph, its purpose, or where to get larger-resolution copies. You can search using images with TinEye, a reverse image search engine.

Unlike other image search engines, TinEye often discovers exact matches, including photographs that have been cropped, altered, or scaled. This Chrome extension is private and can be used for image verification, attribution, and licensing.

11. Search All

Ever wondered if you could search multiple search engines at once? Well, thanks to this Chrome extension, you can. The process is quite simple; all you have to do is install the extension and follow the instructions.

12. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot CRM integrates with Gmail to help you find more leads in less time. It also interacts with those leads and closes deals faster while managing all your contacts in a single database. And getting started is completely free.

13. Last Pass

Do you have a hard time remembering passwords? This Chrome extension saves your password and also saves you from the hassles of remembering all of them. This way, you are more productive and less frustrated.

14. CloudApp

CloudApp allows you to capture and record your screen. You can also share these videos and screenshots in seconds. You can use visuals to communicate with your team and colleagues.

15. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is an excellent tool for keyword research and SEO. When you install the extension, you see monthly search volume, CPC & competition data on multiple websites for your desired keywords.

16. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is another screenshot tool. Users can take screenshots and edit them using the screenshot tool available in the extension. Plus, users can export their results to any image format they desire (PNG, JPEG, etc.)

17. StayFree

Limit the time you spend on time-wasting and distracting sites. It is easy to stray when doing something important on the internet. StayFree is useful for staying productive and avoiding distractions. It is a time tracker that is easy and effective to use.


Congratulations! You’re ready to use a Chrome extension to boost your productivity and make your internet searches quicker and better. Although some extensions above are not free, they are all useful in recruiting and marketing.

Chrome extensions are easy to use, and each has different applications. Make sure you choose the right ones and become more productive!

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