Schedule E-Mails to be Sent Later With Right Inbox

Right Inbox is a tool/software used to make things easy and has quickly gained fame. However, it is still pretty new in the eye of many people who wonder if it is worth it. So without much ado, let’s review this one today.


What it Does

Right Inbox lets Gmail users schedule their email messages to be sent later. This ensures that your emails are received exactly when you want them to be. It comes in the form of an extension for Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers.

Gmail has numerous fans across the world and is one of the most preferred email clients today. In spite of this, Gmail still needs to provide key capabilities such as follow-ups. I expect to be reminded when my recipients has not replied within a specified time period, so that I can send another follow-up message.

Against Competition

Let’s compare Right Inbox with some of its top competitors; and Boomerang. is great and just like Right Inbox, it is client-agnostic. Unfortunately, it does not integrate with Gmail meaning it may not be useful for Gmail users. Boomerang, on the other hand, is good but pretty costly. If you are using Google Apps then be ready to part with $15 per month. The list is endless, but clearly Right Inbox thrives.

The Crucial Details

Right Inbox is and will still be a favorite for most people, thanks to its affordable price and seamless integration. It is important to mention that Right Inbox has a $5 month service fee which allows you access to a couple of several other new buttons that blend perfectly with Gmail’s native ones.

Installing Right Inbox is very simple and literally takes seconds. Open and select install it by selecting from your browser of choice. Once the installation is complete, you should be able to see a new button for “Send Later” placed next to the renamed Send Now button.

Once you are done composing your email, click on the Send Later button to view more options regarding the time you want the message to be auto-sent. From the options list, you can select a standard 1-4 hour delay, a generalized tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon. Alternatively, you can schedule your email to be sent at a specific time, date and time zone by clicking on the last option on the same list.


After scheduling your email, it will automatically appear in your Drafts folder. The scheduled time is appended to the subject of your email. When the scheduled time comes for the message to be sent, the subject automatically returns to its original state.

By utilizing Right Inbox, you can make sure all your emails are sent and received at the exact time you want them to be. In case you are familiar with your recipient’s schedule, sending an important email during downtime will be helpful in ensuring the recipient reads it.


  • It is reasonably priced, even for Google Apps users
  • It seamlessly integrates with Gmail


  • None really.


Having used it for a few weeks, I will say the tool is totally worth it, especially if you use Gmail for communication purposes. The affordable price is its biggest asset.

Try Right Inbox for free today!

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