Games You Can Play That Will Not Affect Your Productivity

Slot Machines

Slot machines have undergone a remarkable transformation since their invention over a century ago. Initially, they were regarded as a fun recreational device for entertainment.  If you are interested in knowing how to win on online pokies, it wasn’t always like nowadays with automatic payouts such as money, there was a time when prizes directly from the house had to be handed out by personnel.  During the early 20th century, slots gained tremendous popularity and became an official industry of its own when the state of Nevada sanctioned gambling in 1931. They also have a very neat feature usually called “auto-spin” where you can play slots without the need to waste your time looking at reels and pressing the spin button.

Kind Words

Kind Words improves productivity and mental health while providing a rich gaming experience As suggested by “lo-fi chill Beats to write to,” gameplay in Kind Words is all about writing Nestled in a cozy little bedroom in a cozy space, you can express your frustrations and fears without feeling like you’re talking into a  social media space. Other players can read and reply to your letters, and even receive encouraging notes in the form of paper planes from other players. You can even turn these notes into bedroom decor! Or you can enjoy lofi music channels while you write or study. You decide!

Zombies Run

Running can be pretty rough, but do you know what makes it more fun? Zombies, run! An exciting combination of a fitness app and an alternate reality game. You appear as the protagonist and become known as Runner 5 when he arrives at Abel Township, one of the last safe havens before the zombie apocalypse.

As you run, Abel’s radio controller and other voice actors explain missions and transport you into an exciting world of fear and friendship. There’s even a GPS feature to help you avoid zombies while collecting supplies you can use to level up Abel Township after your run is complete. If you’re looking for motivation to jog with zombies, this story-based running app is worth checking out!

The Forest

Kick your phone addiction, stay committed to your task and help plant real-life trees at the same time. We all understand the temptation to grab our phones during the day, but the Forest app can tame this bad habit. Open it up and drop a seed, setting a timer for when you need to finish a task.

As you work, your tree will start growing. But if you decide to venture away from the app and check Twitter, then your tree will die. The more trees you nurture by staying focused, Forest will reward you by building an online forest and allocating in-game coins to sponsor real-life trees with Trees for the Future.

Study Bunny

Yes, Study Bunny – A companion that helps motivate you to focus on your studies. With the same sweet charm and task app practicality as Neko Atsume, Study Bunny encourages you to stay productive by taking care of these adorable fluffy little bunnies.

Create a timetable and assign it color codes and thematic editing options. Then set a timer to start the session. You can pause whenever your concentration wanes and you need a break, but be aware that if you take too long you can lose the coins that are in your application’s inventory. You may use coins for snacks and other items to customize your Study Bunny experience. Although designed for learning, this app can also be adapted for writing, practicing, or whatever goal you have in mind!

Virtual Cottage

Tuning to a lofi stream has been known to calm us and help us stay focused, but Virtual Cottage takes it to the next level. As you’re transported to this isometric miniature home, set against a backdrop that changes with the time of day, you can set a timer and task to complete while lofi beats play in the background. There’s also a soundboard with volume sliders for those who prefer white noise, along with the option to set a chime once your session is done – making Virtual Cottage perfect for breaking up work into shorter bursts. With music from artists like “In Love With A Ghost”, and a mini-to-do list that allows you to break down work into smaller chunks, it’s no wonder that Virtual Cottage is such an amazing productivity tool.

Bottom Line

Video games have a bad rap among the masses as being something that distracts from productivity, and thus, a waste of time. Not only is this way of thinking damaging, but it’s also incorrect. In reality, there’s an increasing amount of “productivity” games out there!

Mobile games are becoming increasingly popular, and not just for entertainment, but to help boost productivity. Here are some great titles that can help you make the most of your day-to-day life.

With the use of productivity games, staff members can get to know one another better, establish trust, and improve communication. These games enable people to interact on a genuine human level, even if they don’t work from the same place and have never met their coworkers. The team’s cohesion and productivity increase as a result of the communication these games allow.

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