Top 10 Apps That Will Help You Stay Motivated

Motivation goes a long way in life when we are keen to achieve our goals. In our daily hustle and bustle, the zeal and enthusiasm to perform often get lost in translation. Yet, it is so important to stay inspired and have a positive mindset. 

Imagine a busy Monday morning, you are trying to meet the sales target for this month, or you are in class still struggling with the trigonometry problem, that is sure to come in your upcoming AP exam or maybe you are trying to cope with your current financial situation. Whatever are the trigger, stress, and anxiety manage to creep into our lives from time to time.

Especially in the current situation of a global pandemic when all of us are facing the crisis in an unprecedented manner, staying motivated is of utmost importance. There are days when even getting up and doing household chores seems like a huge challenge, right? With all the social isolation and lockdown situations, it’s understandable to feel bogged down and morally low. 


But as you must already be aware, proper planning and a healthy routine do a lot to boost your morales effectively. So, to help you get back on track and give you your daily dose of motivation, we have compiled a list of ten wonderful apps. Using these apps will not only help you get a grip on your life but also channel your energy towards a positively enriched focus of staying functional and productive

The top ten motivational apps that you could check out are: 

Be Focused

One of the biggest challenges we face in our daily lives is procrastination, or the habit of putting off a task at a later time. Not only does such a practice harm our productivity, but it also affects our motivation levels.

This app helps you divide your task into smaller achievable chunks of 25 mins, each followed by short breaks of 5 mins in between. This is a truly scientific way of planning work, as research has shown that such short intermittent breaks help you to be more productive and also increases concentration. Thus you stay focussed and complete a big task much more efficiently!

 I Am

This is a wonderful affirmation app. The idea is to set a goal for each day and then activate reminders on your phone for any time of the day you choose. At the preferred times, you will receive affirmations related to your set goal, for example, “I can, and I will achieve my goal of writing five articles today” or “I am strong, and I know it.”

Motivational messages and affirmations can work wonders when they pop up in your notification now and then. It is a great way to stay positive and get closer to your daily targets and goals!


This is a highly unusual but useful app. Often we set our daily goal but get distracted thanks to our multiple social media apps and the constant buzz of notifications on our smartphones. Whether you want to admit it or not, phones do take away a chunk of your productivity when kept around while working.

This app helps you deal with the urge to use your phone and instead motivates you to put it away. The ingenious design of the app lets you sow a seed virtually when you are leaving your phone. This seed then eventually grows into a tree with time. However, if you touch your phone in between, the tree dies. Thus, you face a challenge to keep your tree alive by choosing to stay away from your phone!


It is a virtual bucket list. Here you can jot down all your plans, goals, and wishes. This app lets you track what all you have achieved in real-time and gives you a reality check about your bucket list.

iWish or your virtual pinboard inspires you to set goals and work towards them, to fulfill all your desires in the long run!


This app allows you to record your voice along with some music of choice. But it is not a simple voice recording app. Your recording must fulfill specific categories that range from positivity, mental health, fitness to career, motivation, and love.

Whenever you need a boost, you can hear yourself speaking motivational words. This simple exercise can boost your morales up to ten times more effective than if it was someone else saying the same!

The Fabulous

Developed by Duke University, this app curates a string of scientifically proven methods of motivation that suit your goals. Once you plug in your goals and ambitions, you are guided by a series of advice that range from meditation, healthy living to positive reinforcements in your life.

The Fabulous is a great way to stay on track and work towards an organized initiative to achieve goals.


This is a habit tracker app. It is an amazingly helpful tool to set daily goals and achieve them. From lifestyle to budget, this app lets you organize your everyday life and helps you figure out where you are falling short.

The Strides app is a great way to keep track of your progress in different areas of your life in a holistic approach.

Way of Life

This habit developer app helps you to stick to your routines and plans. We are all enthusiastic about making daily planners, but more often than not, these planners are not followed.

Way of Life guides us to follow our plans by charting, plotting, and depicting our daily achievements and flaws proficiently.


This is quite different from other motivational apps. Pact lets you display your bank cards, which can either be debited or credited. 

What happens to your card depends on whether you succeed or fail to meet your daily target. In this app, you can choose the amount you wish to place as punishment!


Do you work better with incentives, and does it help you stay motivated? Well, this app may be just right for you then. 

Achievement pays you actual money if you keep track of your steps, record your food habit, or log in the miles you covered by biking. Based on the activities you log in, you can earn points. If you get 10,000 points, it is equivalent to $10. 

So not only does this app help you stay fit but motivates you for real with incentives!

Final Thoughts

We all indeed need a little help sometimes, especially during such trying times. But at the end of the day, you have to help yourself. So you can use any or all the apps mentioned above, if you wish to, however, do keep in mind that only downloading these apps won’t be of much use. 

Motivation comes from within, and these apps can only aid by catalyzing that. The work has to be done on your part to invest time and energy and make successful progress.

So, try these apps out and remember that it all starts with you!

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