How to Furnish Your Startup Business


Startup businesses face plenty of challenges, not the least of which is finding and furnishing the right office space. The right office can allow a startup to thrive and live up to its full potential, while the wrong office can sink even the most promising business faster than anything. Even if a business exists mostly online and only technically requires an Internet connection and a laptop, it still needs a fully furnished office if it is to survive.

As daunting as finding the right office sounds, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. As long as entrepreneurs follow these steps, they can be sure to find and furnish an office that will suit their needs.

Finding the Right Location

Finding the right location will be the hardest step in establishing a new office. An office needs to be the right size and have the proper amenities for a business, and finding one that fits all the criteria of a particular startup usually takes between two and four months. (Source: This will all depend on the entrepreneur’s budget, how many employees a business has and market availability, so it’s best to allot as much time as possible to an office search.

Size should definitely factor into an office search. Even if a startup only has a few employees, it will expand if all goes well. Depending on the type of business it is, a startup may need as little as 150 square feet to as much as 400 square feet per employee. Call centers usually require little space per employee, while financial institutions and law firms will need more. Entrepreneurs should also plan for expansion and go with a larger office if they can.

Furniture and Setting the Proper Mood

A good office design should fit a business’s core values and overall character. When designing an office it’s important to find a professional to analyze your office space and work with you to configure an optimal working environment (Source: This can be done with wall decorations or even small touches like vintage suitcases if a business is a travel agency. Functional and comfortable furniture can be purchased for relatively little, but any good office should at least have a desk for each employee, a central conference room table for meetings and assorted chairs and tables for working and relaxation since employees will need to take breaks.

Using Color

Color can make a big difference in an office’s productivity. Shades of red and orange can create an energetic environment and encourage employees to work harder, but it should be used sparingly since too much can evoke aggression and stress (Source: A few red accent walls and decorations can be very effective, however. Meanwhile, shades of blue and green can create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, which could come in handy for inherently stressful work environments.

Comfort and Catering to Different Work Styles

While it is important to give every employee a desk as their personal workspace, many startup businesses choose to forego the rows of cubicles that can be seen in many traditional offices for more casual spaces. Wide open office space, comfortable chairs and cafe-style tables are all great for creating a laid-back atmosphere that many employees will love. It’s also considerably easier to furnish such an office since the business doesn’t need to order as many professional desks and office chairs. At least a few desks and cubicles should be present in an office, however; there will always be employees who work better when they have some semblance of privacy.

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