The best Executive Office Furniture Alternatives for the Home Office

The best Executive Office Furniture Alternatives for the Home Office

In the height of the pandemic, excluding service and essential workers, about 80 percent of Americans were working from home. Although many have returned to in-person assignments, over half have decided to work from home indefinitely. Meanwhile, more and more professionals are turning to independent practice or other self-employment, also operating out of their homes.

If you will ever entertain clients or colleagues in your home office, it is a good idea to make the space as professional and sophisticated as possible. Unfortunately, executive office furniture is extremely expensive, priced to a high-end corporate standard. But there is a way that you can get furniture that appears to be office furniture, but actually buy home furniture online.

Here are some of the ideas you can use to save on outfitting your home office.

Dining set vs conference table and executive chairs

Even a small conference table is going to be very expensive, and may still be too large for your home office. Dining sets featuring polished, shining hardwoods can easily be passed off as conference tables. Dining sets also come with additional pieces that can be adapted for other useful purposes, such as a print center, coffee and donut station, or office supplies, or file storage. 

You can also save by getting a dining set that comes with high-end chairs, although it might be cheaper yet to buy them separately. 

Gaming chairs vs executive office armchairs

Executive office chairs are the second most expensive piece of office furniture, beat out only by the elaborate desks that tend to accompany them. Having an executive chair with adjustable height on casters is a great idea if you will be entertaining clients and vendors. This can also help you save space because the chairs can be moved between the desk, print station, and meeting table as needed, cutting down on the number of furniture pieces in the room.

But those chairs are so expensive that the average person working from home would never be able to afford more than one. Thankfully, there is an option that most people don’t consider – gaming chairs. Today’s gaming chairs are comfortable with lumbar support, arms that can be flipped out of the way, and casters that can be moved easily from place to place. 

You can get them in real or faux leather, just like executive office chairs. Since they are made for people to sit in for hours at a time, they are acceptable as a desk chair. They will also last much longer than an office chair of the same price range. No one but your furniture store will ever know they are not actually executive office chairs.

The portable office

Would it be helpful to move your workstation from area to area within your office or the rest of your home? If so, consider choosing a portable workstation on casters that can be easily moved from place to place. Buying a desk designed for this purpose will have all of the features you need – a professional appearance, cord management, and adjustable height for standing with your computer when necessary.

Even if you have a stationary desk and desktop PC, it can be helpful to have a portable workstation with a laptop for a certain client or work situation.

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