Shipping Containers: The Ultimate Alternative Office Solution

shipping container officeFor many entrepreneurs and start-ups, finding a good, affordable office space can be difficult. Many choose to transform a room in their home while they get started, but this isn’t always practical or possible, making it hard to get the work-life balance right as the company grows and the need for storage and working space increases.

With the recent boom in entrepreneurship, more business owners are looking for alternative methods, and many are option for a rather unorthodox approach to office space by hiring stationary shipping containers to house their businesses. If you’ve never considered it before, you might find it useful to speak to other businesses which have taken this step, and have a chat to professionals like those at Mobile Mini to find out exactly what kind of office you can expect.

Containers are used for everything from portable construction site offices to more permanent headquarters, and you’ll find many fully refurbished – so much so that you won’t know you’re in a shipping box once you’re settled inside! One of the best things about this method of setting up your office is that you can slot several containers together, giving you space to expand as your business grows. The more popular they become, the more people find ways of customizing them, so look out for palatial-style boxes with beautiful windows and open-plan spaces – as well as offices, some have even used shipping containers to create homes, which gives you a sense of just how versatile they can be.


Setting Up Your Shipping Container Office

If you do opt for a shipping container office, you’ll find that much of the legwork has already been done for you – most will include full interior refurbishment, including power sockets, insulation, heating and even double glazing. On top of this, there are a number of things that can be set up within your container like furniture, disabled access, water heaters and room partitioning, which your supplier should be able to do for you, so think about what you feel you might need and remember to ask about them when you start shopping around.

When looking for a new office space, you’ll also need to bear in mind the needs of potential clients and visitors – for example you may need to ensure that there is adequate parking, that your office is fully equipped for presentations, and that he surrounding area doesn’t impact on your brand or reputation. Talk to your existing clients and use their feedback when considering your new office, and see if you can contact some existing businesses operating out of shipping containers to learn as much as you can, so that you’re ready to get settled in and enjoy your new office space without a hitch!

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