Freedom Debt Relief Shares Top Picks for the Best Finance-Oriented Books

Finance oriented books

As the weather starts to cool down, a lot of us look for more sedentary, cold weather-appropriate activities. There is hardly a better way to spend a cold winter day than under a cozy blanket with a good book. And if you are going to spend time reading this winter, why not making your choice of reading material something that will enrich your mind and also, perhaps, enrich your bottom line, in the process? Freedom Debt Relief is here with its top picks of some of the best finance books to consider adding to your to-be-read pile this winter.

It might seem like finance-related books would be boring, dry, and full of terms that only economists would understand. While there is no dearth of books that would fall into this category, not all finance books are like that. There are some authors that can make these concepts not only accessible to people without a deep understanding of economics, but they can also tell a good story along the way. What follows are some of the hot picks from Freedom Debt Relief.

Poor Charlie’s Almanac by Peter Kaufman

Classics are classics, often for a reason, and there are certain finance books that fall into this category. Poor Charlie’s Almanac, now in its third edition, is a must read for anyone interested in hearing the thoughts from a proven successful businessman. The book features an array of stories, anecdotes, and more from Charles Munger, who is Warren Buffet’s business partner. Buffet is one of the most successful financiers in history, and these stories provide the foundation of their investment mentality, which is why it comes so highly recommended by Freedom Debt Relief.

Once in Golconda: A True Drama of Wall Street 1920-1938 by John Brooks

Freedom Debt Relief highly recommends this seminal account of one of the most notorious financial periods in American history. This work brings to life the turmoil, backstabbing, and pure cunning that was the bull market of the 1920s in the United States, followed by the whole system coming crashing down in 1929. It is a fascinating true story that gives readers an intimate look at the environment that created a market so ripe for such a full collapse.

Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk by Peter L. Bernstein

One of the things that has always plagued the financial field, whether it be personal or corporate finance, is how to best manage risk. How much risk should we take and how much can we truly even afford to take? This book is an accessible, easy to read guide on how we have tried to understand risk in the financial world, how we try to guard against it, and how to judge future risk as well.

All the books that Freedom Debt Relief recommends provides an accessible look into some facet of financial history, financial theory, as well as stories from successful businessman that are not only highly informative, but are also great reads. A well written history reads as well as any fictional story and the three books we briefly review here all manage to weave together a good narrative story, helpful advice, and accessible information that can prove useful in our everyday lives.

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